Top 10 reasons why your hospital needs a mobile application

The recent eruption of COVID-19 has made us realize that health is wealth. Well, we can stay healthy in many ways – by staying fit, regular doctor check-ups, eating healthy – just to name a few. Be the patient’s regular health check-up visits or COVID-recovering patients, the burden on the hospitals is increasing day by day. Did you know that around 45 percent of the patients prefer scheduling an appointment to the hospital online? Therefore, having a medium that connects the hospital, its staff, and the patients, is the need of the hour. And in today’s world, there isn’t a single organization that functions without a mobile application for its product.
Hospitals having a healthcare app might seem like an untapped arena or a niche market, but mind you, this is something that will take the world by storm. In fact, this sector is growing tremendously. And reports suggest that the healthcare application market is expected to reach $ 236 billion by 2026. Sure, you can have a website for your hospital but when 75 percent of the mobiles are smart and 6.5 billion people use smartphones, creating a mobile application seems a viable option. These days, everyone uses a smartphone. And such apps act as a mediator and connects the patients to the doctors. A recent survey says that 95 percent of the doctors think that such apps are a boon. Things are changing, and to adapt to it almost 74 percent of hospitals have joined the bandwagon and secured an application for themselves. Still wondering why your hospital should own a mobile application. Let us tell you in detail.

   1. Contactless communication

A relationship between a patient and doctor is set at the first meeting. But there onwards, unless the situation is critical, a mobile application can handle all the communication. The COVID outbreak has left everyone’s normal life in the doldrums. Even though there are vaccines now, visiting crowded places still is a question. In such cases, if a patient is connected with the hospital via a mobile app, communication will be hassle-free and to add to that it will help them contact the doctor at the comfort of their home.

   2. Daily monitoring

Tracking the patient’s health regularly is one of the most crucial ways to get them back on a healthy track. If the patient adds their daily symptoms or updates on the app, it will be helpful for the doctors to keep a close eye on their happenings. This reduces the chances of fatality. Doctors and the hospital staff can keenly observe the changes in the patient’s health, further improving the efficiency for both of the parties. 

   3. For a better future 

Change is the only constant thing and adapting to it is inevitable. The world is inching closer to living a paperless life. It’s needless to say that hospitals should avoid using paper to save patients data and digitizing their information will only make sense. A mobile application will cater to all the below needs.

  • Going paperless 

Reducing the use of paper or rather going paperless heals the environment in many ways. Its ecological and economical benefits are immense. Going paperless will help reduce the carbon dioxide content, cut down on deforestation and pollution as well. And to counter that, a mobile application will be inexpensive and harmless to the environment.  

  • Smooth workflow

Digitization has revolutionized our lives. Saving the hospital’s and patient’s records in a safe environment on an application will not only enhance the security but will also create a smooth workflow for the staff.

   4. Scheduling follow-ups

Regular follow-ups become a hassle when the patient needs to schedule an appointment over the telephone or wait in the queue. If the patient’s issue can be solved over a chat on the app, then scheduling an appointment is out of the scene. However, if the patient must visit the hospital a lot of things have to be taken into consideration–the doctor availability, the rush at the hospital, the size of the hospital and a lot more things. With the advent of technology, all these details can be fed to the app and considering these factors, the patient can schedule an appointment at their convenience. This is a win-win situation for both parties.

   5. Quick response during an emergency

Emergency does not come announced. Times when a patient’s health goes South, their family can easily check the hospital’s application for the next step. The application can guide the family and provide the information on how to revive the patient until the ambulance reaches their place, calm both the patient and their family–and once they reach the hospital, the emergency team is ready to attend to the patient. Simply put, feeding the application with the essential input can be helpful during a dire situation.

   6. Easy access for patients and doctors 

An application has almost all the information the patient is looking for. Right from scheduling an appointment, having a word with the doctor, referring to the prescriptions and reports, service chatbots, and much more – an application is a one-stop hub. All this not only puts the patients at ease but also gives them easy access to utilize everything that the hospital wishes to offer. These amenities will surely fetch the hospital some loyal clients. Not just the patients, this mobile application will come in handy for the doctors as well. The doctors can closely monitor the patient’s health, track their growth, counsel them, etc.

   7. Self-promotion tool

Now, mobile applications are one of the best promotion tools for any product. These days there is a cut-throat competition and to survive that, one must put their best foot forward. With the mobile application, they can easily brand themselves can convert the one-time patients into loyal ones. Besides all this, a mobile application can help the hospital have an edge over the others. 

   8. Encashing on the feedback 

The best part about providing the feedback online is the fact that it saves paper and to add to that it is easy to document. The valuable response that the patients provide will help the hospital live up to their customer’s expectations. This is work both ways. The hospital staff can also raise their concerns, if any.  

   9. In-house communication

For any organization, their clients are no doubt their biggest assets, but at the same time, they should realize that their staff is of the utmost importance too. The hospital must attend to the staff’s issues and needs for an effective management system. The staff can make use of the app for various purposes – to stay updated, to check their shifts, attend to the patient’s needs, to stay connected, etc. With this, they can also offer their advice to improve the hospital’s competence.

   10. Fruitful investment 

Think of the application as a priceless investment. Within a few months of it going live, you will start seeing the growth in your organization. Providing an application that satisfies all the needs of the patients and will take the hospital to new heights of success. Remember, customer satisfaction will lead to an increase in sales.

In conclusion 

The above points are enough to prove that having a healthcare application will not only improve the lives of the doctors, staff, patients but also unquestionably will benefit the hospital. Accepting the fact that your hospital needs a mobile application is half the work done. Now, let us do the rest. Right from analyzing your target audience to catering to all your application needs, App Scoop’s diligent team will surely make your application journey from idea to fruition a smooth ride. 

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How to make the most of Amazon Alexa to engage your customer?

‘Hey, Alexa’ – has become a household saying these days. Its elegant, handy, and helps you get the job done. And for the brands, Alexa provides them with easy promotion, improves customer experience, and acts as a catalyst in their growth. In 2018, Amazon Echo had over 40 million users. And to add to it, since 2020, Alexa has now become compatible with over 100,000 smart home devices. The Alexa Voice Service API provides the brands with an array of opportunities to grow exponentially in this market. Regarding smart speakers, the Amazon Echo family has stamped their authority with over 71% of the market share in their kitty. In today’s day and age, AI-driven assistance, Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa have made us realize the impact of voice. So, let’s look at this further and understand why your brand needs to sign their skill on Alexa. With that, we also provide a few tips on how your skill can gain traction on this platform.
Why should you build your brand on Alexa?

It’s quite clear that smart devices have taken the world by storm. The opportunities they provide are immense, and companies should not shy away from leveraging the benefits of Alexa for their brand. Having your skill on Alexa gives your business a glamorous look and a genuine feel. Here are the reasons one should build their brand on Alexa.

     1. Vast market

Amazon Echo boasts of an enormous market. Last year, almost 70% of the smart speakers in the US used Amazon Echo. This is indeed a huge number of consumers, and the brand should encash on it. The appliances that this gadget connects are innumerable, further giving the brand a chance to reach its customers.

     2.  Voice interface is impactful

Voice-driven engagements bring value to the business and send a genuine message to its users. As much as 18% of the millennials use voice assistance for shopping. And this percentage is expected to increase to 11.5% by the end of 2021. So, the ball is in your court to use this opportunity.

     3.  Easy branding 

Making your name in the market is one of the most arduous tasks. Having effective skills on voice interface gadgets like Alexa will spread the essence of your business with ease.

     4. Creates engagement on the go

Place an Alexa in your room and searching for the things that you wish for becomes a piece of cake. All you need to do is just voice your queries, and your wish is Alexa’s command. This is a scenario that brands can easily capitalize on.

     5. Update to sustain   

Times change and so do trends. There was a time when TV ads created a great impact. Now, owing to technology, there are a series of launches that can take the brand to the next level. Hence, changing as per time is inevitable to sustain the competition.

Here’s how brands can make the most of Alexa

Since its launch, Alexa has hosted over 100,000 skills. The fact is, many people prefer using Alexa over other devices. To reach their customers, brands must think out-of-the-box. By using Alexa skills, companies can create an everlasting impact. It is crucial to connect with the users and provide them with a seamless experience. If you hit the right chord with them, getting loyal customers will be a straightforward task. Here are a few tips on how you can achieve it.

  1. Simple yet elegant

All that glitters is gold. Skills allow a user to make their everyday life fun. And Alexa is here to make the customers’ life easy. Hence, the look and feel of the skill should be jazzy, however, the UI should as smooth as possible. Don’t clutter the icon. Keep the content fresh, catchy, and simple. Make sure that the users relate to the material that you share.

     2. Keep creating fresh content

Optimize your skill by keeping up with the latest trends. Creating new content regularly catches the user’s attention. Fresh content is critical for the brand’s growth as it helps in retaining the audience. This will increase the traffic on your skills, further improving your rank on the search engine.

     3. Being human

It might seem odd, but sounding slightly humane can motivate the users to connect with the brand. In today’s fast-paced life, people look for genuine connections. If the connection that you provide aligns with their mentality, then the sky is the limit. A little personal touch in your voice delivery will make the user feel special.

    4. Wear the customer’s hat 

Agreed, your company has some vision, but one should reach beyond that by wearing the customer’s hat. When you offer services, giving the customers what they are looking for will, in turn, benefit the organization. Do your research, understand the market and the audience thoroughly.

     5. The welcome kit

The brand should create an experience in such a way that first-time customers should consider joining your brand’s clan forever. When your skill hits the Skill Store, it should instantly grab the customer’s attention. It is important that when the user opens your skill, it should guide them with comfort. Instead of them asking the questions, your user guide should be self-sufficient. Provide all the information about your brand.

     6. Strong and reliable backend 

To get traction on this platform, your skill must be available whenever the customers ask. Secondly, the skill should be able to handle the customer traffic and it must be load tested. For things to fall in place, the backend team plays a significant role.

     7. Self-promotion 

Your skill can gain leverage only if it reaches more people. Use all the resources to let people know about your skill. You can reach them on social media and even word-of-mouth works. Once your skill is live, you can gain momentum by informing them about the upcoming events and promotions.


The sales rate of Amazon Alexa is reaching the sky. So much so that by 2025, over 130 million Amazon Echo speakers will make their way into the global market. When the future looks bright, it only makes sense to be a part of it. App Scoop provides customizable solutions that will help your skill create a stir on Alexa. These skills will improve the user experience, further nudging your business.

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Stay Agile, stay ahead!

Uncertainties don’t come knocking on your door. And what better than the outbreak of COVID to understand this better. The world came to a standstill, lives were lost, and businesses were disrupted. Such things are inevitable. But we can surely stay agile and stay ahead of time. These days, Agile has become the in thing! Well, why shouldn’t it be? To explain Agile methodology in layman’s terms – trends change and so do business needs. To stay in line with the changing needs and trends, organizations need to incorporate those changes in their software development. As opposed to a single pass development, Agile software development builds software in short iterations whilst taking feedback from the clients at every scrum. Many have realized the worth of this practice, and a whopping 71 per cent of the organization use the Agile approach. Agile, which replaced the Waterfall approach, has a 1.5 times higher success rate than the latter. Agile has a swift flow that begins with a concept, inception, construction, release, production, and retirement.
App Scoop is not new to this methodology. In fact, since the time we were born, we made it a point to use this approach and it has given us tangible results. One of our recent projects that speak volumes of our foresight is Deleezy, a delivery service that offers seamless and speedy pickup and drop service of everyday items. Without any doubt, our approach was client-centric. And To stay ahead of the times and offer the best to our client we incorporated the Agile mythology. Meetings at every interval with the client, a diligent team, scrum meetings with the highest outcome, taking the client’s feedback to heart, adapting to the change and with ample research gave birth to Deleezy, one of the best pick and drop services for everyday items in Canada.

In this article we talk about the reasons to stay agile, how can one stay agile and most importantly how can App Scoop help you with this. 

Five reasons to stay agile

App Scoop always intends to change as per the changing trends. This can happen only if the organization is flexible in the moves – in terms of handling the clients and in its functionality. However, there are some of the agile methods we have always followed since our inception. Staying agile has its perks. And if the company follows these Agile methods to the tee, then their business will surely reach the sky.

Here are five reasons why your organization needs to stay agile… 

  1. Free-flowing communication 

An organization functions seamlessly if its foundation is built on free-flowing communication. It not only bridges the gap between the organization’s employees but also acts as a factor that binds the company with the client.
Quality work

Adhering to Agile practices help us focus on quality rather than quantity.  The value of the company’s work increases manifold precisely because it takes into consideration the smallest aspect of the product. Testing is an integral part of this method. Even the slightest bug is fixed by the developer in no time. And the outcome is a flawless product. A recent study shows that 80 per cent of the CMOs believe that adopting Agile methods have increased the team’s productivity.

     3.  Happy clients

When you put in your sweat and tears to make the assignment successful, the clients are ought to be impressed by your work. Working closely with the clients helps the organization understand their expectations and deliver their dream project on time.

     4.  Higher ROI

Talented team, harmony in the organization, testing at every interval and delivering an impeccable project is what makes the clients happy. And when the team stays true to their work, the business will surely flourish. As per research, by adopting an Agile approach 60 per cent of the companies have seen an exponential growth in their business. 

     5.  Provides a competitive edge

To stay ahead in the game and to survive the competition, sticking to the Agile method does wonders to the company’s vision. To have an upper hand in this industry, the organization needs to give their 100 per cent to win the trust of their clients and then live up to their expectations.  

How to stay Agile?

Agile methodology is a technique that pushes us to work without boundaries. The lockdown and the outbreak of the virus have restricted us to the work from home situation. And undertaking Agile practices will not bring coherence to the system but will also empower the team and help them adapt to the change with ease.

Ten ways to integrate Agile practices are… 

  1. Unlearn and learn 

Technology has sure brought the world to our feat. But staying in tandem with it takes strength. Letting the things go that we have learnt is how can begin. As per a late American writer, Alvin Toffer – the illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn. Learn new techniques, questions the unanswered, reflect on all the learnings, evaluate the methods and that’s how you can pause to unlearn and then learn.

     2.  Research, research and some more research

Exploring and staying up to date never goes out of fashion. And owing to the current scenario, the company’s customer-centric approach has become more important than ever. Continuous research helps the organization to only stay au fait with the industry standards and trends but also gives them a chance to win the hearts of the clients. It makes their work faster and project-focused.

     3.  Adapting is inevitable 

Inspecting your work and adapting to changing trends is a must. A team that minutely monitors the output of the work goes a long way. Constant feedback from the team members and the clients at large is beneficial for the project.

     4.  Keep calm, stay simple

Simplicity is the key. Incorporating high-end changes just to look fancy is a rookie mistake. Studies show that Agile adoption has benefited 98.6 per cent of the organization and believe us all of them swear by this rule. Simplicity maximizes the amount of work done. In essence, keeping the approach simple is one of the most crucial principles of the Agile methodology.

    5.  Value client feedback… 

It is rightly said – unless you have 100 per cent client satisfaction, you must improve. And guess what, Agile methodology gives a chance to the organization to improve at every interval. For this, gather all the information, document the feedback, and then prioritize it.

     6. … and make amends 

Once you analyze all the client feedback, remember that the Agile approach surely has a soft corner for client satisfaction. Mends the errors and taking their criticism in a healthy will be a boon. Teams should strive to give an immaculate output and for this, it is necessary to give what the clients are asking for.
Be empathetic 

The recent scenario of COVID has made us realize the importance of being human towards one another. Especially, in these testing times being patient towards the team shows that you are in this for the long run. Scrum meetings allow the organization and the product owner to understand the team’s energy and intentions. If these meetings don’t reflect the value of compassion, then the morale of the employees will crumble down.

     8. Hire the right team 

With the Agile approach, recruiting the right team is like a cakewalk. It makes hiring in compliance and economical by breaking prioritizing the data. Hiring the right team is vital because they will take your organization forward. And to stay agile in a growing organization, it is important to give the team creative freedom. Create a culture of trust and growth.

     9. Dream big

Think out of the box and dream big. Now that you have your dream team, push each other until your vision is accomplished. Explore all the avenues and give your fullest. Remember, aim for the moon and even if you miss your target, you will reach the stars.

     10. Planning is indefensible 

The widespread coronavirus has taught us that adversities don’t come announced. In such cases, preparing for the future, anticipating risks and managing them is valuable for the organization. Agile’s processes are concreate as they involve proper planning at every interval. It gives you the leverage to discover yourself and plan for the future. That said and done, organizations must have a solid plan to withhold any such uncertainties.

In conclusion

As said, Agile is gaining importance beyond imagination. In fact, Agile adoption is going to hit more and more sectors precisely because its failure rate is barely 8 per cent. It is not news, that App Scoop uses Agile mobile and web development approaches. The output is fast, and with reduced risks, the app sees fruition with the best quality. Our seamless project management guarantees nothing but the best. For us, client satisfaction is of utmost importance. To stay ahead of time and to stay agile, partner with App Scoop for your app and web development needs.  

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How to build an innovative delivery app like Deleezy

Just picture this – you are halfway through the meeting, and you realize that you haven’t purchased a gift for your loved one. There is no going back. You need the gift by the end of the day, but work keeps piling up. With work taking priority at times, running errands like these might seem like a hassle. Now, when you can solve the problem with a click of an app, is there something else that you’d be looking for? Deleezy comes as a relief for someone who is looking for a same-day and last-minute delivery service. And to add to that it offers seamless and speedy pick and drop service for everyday items. This delivery company has its headquarters in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada. 
In today’s ever-changing world, to sustain the competition, business models change too. Devising features that enable user satisfaction will surely boost the business. Deleezy is App Scoop’s one of the dear projects for many reasons. We took this as a challenge and came up with fantastic results. Firstly, it pushed us to pull our socks and come with out-of-the-box feature ideas. And the results have been commendable. In this article, we talk about the features that help Deleezy shine, how to build a delivery-based application like Deleezy and how App Scoop can help you develop the application. 

Nine features that make Deleezy stand apart

Features define the usability of the application. To devise an application that benefits all, the developer should consider the user expectations, brand demands, and industry standards. App Scoop believes in keeping the approach simply yet classy, which significantly benefits the business. Here are eight features that act as a catalyst in the growth of Deleezy.  

  1. Strong Algorithm 

One of the most important aspects of any delivery-based application is to ensure smooth operation, timely delivery, and customer satisfaction. The robust algorithm that we built for Deleezy does the same. The system picks the driver depending on the proximity, travel movement, adjusting orders and more.

    2.  Route optimization 

Our strong algorithm provides our backend team with an upper hand to choose the shortest and the most viable path for the drivers. This helps in improving operations with route optimization. Now, for instance, if the driver had three orders–which means three pickups and three drop-offs. Depending on the current traffic, customer priority and a few other factors, the driver is handed the route that favours all. In today’s world, where time is of the utmost essence, such a feature comes in handy.

     3. Contactless delivery 

Almost two years into this and the world is still facing the wrath of the coronavirus. But life does not stop there. And as we get back to normalcy, the contactless delivery feature helps contain the spread of the virus whilst employing the needy and delivering happiness.

     4.  Jack of all trades

The welcome page of the Deleezy reads–we deliver just about everything. Right from food, gifts to party supplies and almost everything under the sun. Just so, we build an application with features that take care of everything.

     5.  Interactive and easy UI

Deleezy boasts of a well-designed UI. This essentially promises customer engagement. And overall leads to bringing in more loyal customers. The UI is easy to handle, and its functions create a bridge that connects the customers and brand. The perk of having an interactive UI allows us to under the needs of customers even better, further helps us serve them seamlessly. With the users can place orders in a jiffy.

     6.  Real-time tracking 

This feature adds to the credibility of the application. Once the order is confirmed, customers can instantly monitor and track their order. Another positive of this feature is that it allows bidirectional monitoring, which helps both the customer and the driver.

     7.  Easy payment option

Payment is an option that signs the deal between the customer and the brand. A slight glitch can take away the order from the brand. We built an easy in-app payment option that makes things for the customer. Payment options are customized to perfection as per the customer’s specifications. All the possible payment gateways make this feature and the app a crowd puller.

     8.  Instant notifications

To stay in touch with the customers is to keep the brand alive in their hearts. This feature sends notifications to the customers regarding their orders, deals, upcoming offers, promotions, and others. This keeps the customers engaged and the brand up and alive.

     9.  Review and rating 

This simple feature can take the application to new heights of success. Users can share their experiences, provide the brand with tips to improve the service and their words of appreciation will surely boost the morale of the brand. 

This is how you can build an app like Deleezy 

To create an avant-garde application such as Deleezy, we kept our approach pretty simple. Adhering to the Agile methodology, as usual, gave us the expected outcome–an application that is hit amongst the crowd. Here are some steps that will help you develop an app like Deleezy.

  1. Understand the need of the hour

For every problem, there is a solution. Understanding the problem areas gives a commendable push to the project. Every application is like a solution that addresses the issue. In today’s busy world, the user looks for an instant, easy and hassle-free delivery option. With this, their priority is to buy top quality products, too. Now, this gives the brand a heads up to devise a solution for the same. Get into the shoes of the users to understand their needs.
Gather the best team

The success of the application depends on the team. Look for a team member that adds value to the business. Once you have a rough idea of who the team members will be, brief them about the project and make sure that they understand the essence of the assignment.

     3.  Get moving!

One of the initial steps involves brainstorming sessions. These sessions usually give the team an overview of what the output of the product is. Now, get moving and begin your research. Study the target audience thoroughly. Set some industry standards and aim to achieve better than them.

      4.  Interface, flow, and design 

By now, the project will take shape. Now comes the critical step of designing the skeleton of the app. We aim to keep the interface easy but with some out-of-the-box features. Gather all the business cases, analyze them, and transform your work into a wireframe. Business Intelligence will bring in the much-needed relief and give you clarity in decision making. In the end, the sealed wireframes should be converted into interactive UI. With that, the process of development and coding starts. The right project management will sign the deal here.

     5. The essential rendezvous 

Open communication amongst the team members and the client is the key here. After every interval, conduct a meeting with the client-side to inform them about the progress. This process helps you keep in tandem with their requirements. Scrum meetings help everyone (stakeholders, team, and management) to stay in alignment with the project at every step.

​     6. Incorporate feedback 

The application will see its fruition once the client approves it. Guarantee them perfection. The application comes to life once it goes live on the store. Monitor the user movements and translate them into something worthwhile. And as per the changing trends, keep incorporating new features. 

We are here for you! 

App Scoop believes in commitment and will move heaven to earth and fulfil it. We communicate openly, which helps us understand our client’s requirements. We leave no stone unturned to improve and innovate. App Scoops understands that the future of mobile lies in applications. Mobile apps connect the users with the brands. Creating an application is a fruitful journey, and it depends on your hard work and resilience. App Scoop’s team is diligent and our work exudes our vision of crafting applications with passion and pride. At App Scoop, we will not only understand your requirements to the tee but also deliver an app that will make your business grow by leaps and bounds. Now that you have a great business idea, we request you to sit and sip on your hot coffee as we put forth an immaculate application for your brand.

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