How To Market A Mobile App?

​Creating a robust mobile application rife with value is a necessity for success. Nonetheless, success for mobile apps, akin to all products and services, is strongly dependent on effective marketing. Most mobile applications are located in the Apple or Google app stores ready for free download or purchase. The challenge, however, is for your mobile application to stand out and not fall victim to being drowned out within the ocean of more than a million mobile applications.
How does one go about marketing their mobile application to emerge from the crowd?

​The following are 5 important mobile application marketing considerations:  

​1. Take Pride In Your Mobile Application 

​When discussing marketing, individuals at times forget the product or service itself and only consider elements like logos, colors, taglines etc. However, what cannot be overlooked is the importance of investing the appropriate amount of time, energy, and resources in developing a product that delivers value. Marketing is a vital tool to product success but marketing alone cannot achieve, or at the very least, sustain optimum success. By developing a robust product that delivers value, the marketing for a mobile application will be easier and more effective. 

2. Service

​Service can make or break the ongoing success of your mobile application. In addition and in line to the items mentioned in item 3, you can utilize the mobile application to send push notifications to the users to offer them a variety of benefits. For instance, if your mobile application is a game, you can send secret or bonus items free of charge or at discounted rates to your users. Another example is that you can allow users of a business mobile application to get additional features free of charge for a trial period or for a reduced price. Let your creativity run wild as the options are virtually endless. 

​3. Social Media

​Big or small, every organization will need to develop and execute a social media strategy. The benefits of social media are plenty! Through social media, you are able to not only create and enhance brand awareness but also do so at no cost (unless, you are purchasing adverts). A further benefit of social media is the capacity to utilize the numerous platforms as an effective communication medium for and between the application owner and the application user. This manner of communication allows for promotion, engagement, and feedback to help improve the mobile applications. Moreover, the engagement allows users to leave positive reviews within app stores, which again helps your mobile application from standing out in the crowd. 

​4. Understanding Rankings to Tailor Marketing Efforts

​Every organization desires premium rankings within the application stores to obtain the most downloads and in turn, users. The way in which the rankings work within Apple’s and Google’s respective application stores differ from one another and it is important to be aware of these differences so that your mobile application can climb the rankings. Apple’s App Store rankings can be improved by ad-driven links whereas Google’s Play rankings are dependent upon application usage (the greater the application’s usage ratio per download, the higher Google Play will rank your application). With this mind, you are better able to determine where to best allocate your resources and how your marketing ought to be targeted.

​5. Self-Marketing

​If you more than one mobile application, an excellent (and free!) way of marketing your mobile applications is to expose your users to the mobile applications you have. This can be done through push notifications, internal banners, and links within each of your mobile applications.