Uncertainties don’t come knocking on your door. And what better than the outbreak of COVID to understand this better. The world came to a standstill, lives were lost, and businesses were disrupted. Such things are inevitable. But we can surely stay agile and stay ahead of time. These days, Agile has become the in thing! Well, why shouldn’t it be? To explain Agile methodology in layman’s terms – trends change and so do business needs. To stay in line with the changing needs and trends, organizations need to incorporate those changes in their software development. As opposed to a single pass development, Agile software development builds software in short iterations whilst taking feedback from the clients at every scrum. Many have realized the worth of this practice, and a whopping 71 per cent of the organization use the Agile approach. Agile, which replaced the Waterfall approach, has a 1.5 times higher success rate than the latter. Agile has a swift flow that begins with a concept, inception, construction, release, production, and retirement.
App Scoop is not new to this methodology. In fact, since the time we were born, we made it a point to use this approach and it has given us tangible results. One of our recent projects that speak volumes of our foresight is Deleezy, a delivery service that offers seamless and speedy pickup and drop service of everyday items. Without any doubt, our approach was client-centric. And To stay ahead of the times and offer the best to our client we incorporated the Agile mythology. Meetings at every interval with the client, a diligent team, scrum meetings with the highest outcome, taking the client’s feedback to heart, adapting to the change and with ample research gave birth to Deleezy, one of the best pick and drop services for everyday items in Canada.

In this article we talk about the reasons to stay agile, how can one stay agile and most importantly how can App Scoop help you with this. 

Five reasons to stay agile

App Scoop always intends to change as per the changing trends. This can happen only if the organization is flexible in the moves – in terms of handling the clients and in its functionality. However, there are some of the agile methods we have always followed since our inception. Staying agile has its perks. And if the company follows these Agile methods to the tee, then their business will surely reach the sky.

Here are five reasons why your organization needs to stay agile… 

  1. Free-flowing communication 

An organization functions seamlessly if its foundation is built on free-flowing communication. It not only bridges the gap between the organization’s employees but also acts as a factor that binds the company with the client.
Quality work

Adhering to Agile practices help us focus on quality rather than quantity.  The value of the company’s work increases manifold precisely because it takes into consideration the smallest aspect of the product. Testing is an integral part of this method. Even the slightest bug is fixed by the developer in no time. And the outcome is a flawless product. A recent study shows that 80 per cent of the CMOs believe that adopting Agile methods have increased the team’s productivity.

     3.  Happy clients

When you put in your sweat and tears to make the assignment successful, the clients are ought to be impressed by your work. Working closely with the clients helps the organization understand their expectations and deliver their dream project on time.

     4.  Higher ROI

Talented team, harmony in the organization, testing at every interval and delivering an impeccable project is what makes the clients happy. And when the team stays true to their work, the business will surely flourish. As per research, by adopting an Agile approach 60 per cent of the companies have seen an exponential growth in their business. 

     5.  Provides a competitive edge

To stay ahead in the game and to survive the competition, sticking to the Agile method does wonders to the company’s vision. To have an upper hand in this industry, the organization needs to give their 100 per cent to win the trust of their clients and then live up to their expectations.  

How to stay Agile?

Agile methodology is a technique that pushes us to work without boundaries. The lockdown and the outbreak of the virus have restricted us to the work from home situation. And undertaking Agile practices will not bring coherence to the system but will also empower the team and help them adapt to the change with ease.

Ten ways to integrate Agile practices are… 

  1. Unlearn and learn 

Technology has sure brought the world to our feat. But staying in tandem with it takes strength. Letting the things go that we have learnt is how can begin. As per a late American writer, Alvin Toffer – the illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn. Learn new techniques, questions the unanswered, reflect on all the learnings, evaluate the methods and that’s how you can pause to unlearn and then learn.

     2.  Research, research and some more research

Exploring and staying up to date never goes out of fashion. And owing to the current scenario, the company’s customer-centric approach has become more important than ever. Continuous research helps the organization to only stay au fait with the industry standards and trends but also gives them a chance to win the hearts of the clients. It makes their work faster and project-focused.

     3.  Adapting is inevitable 

Inspecting your work and adapting to changing trends is a must. A team that minutely monitors the output of the work goes a long way. Constant feedback from the team members and the clients at large is beneficial for the project.

     4.  Keep calm, stay simple

Simplicity is the key. Incorporating high-end changes just to look fancy is a rookie mistake. Studies show that Agile adoption has benefited 98.6 per cent of the organization and believe us all of them swear by this rule. Simplicity maximizes the amount of work done. In essence, keeping the approach simple is one of the most crucial principles of the Agile methodology.

    5.  Value client feedback… 

It is rightly said – unless you have 100 per cent client satisfaction, you must improve. And guess what, Agile methodology gives a chance to the organization to improve at every interval. For this, gather all the information, document the feedback, and then prioritize it.

     6. … and make amends 

Once you analyze all the client feedback, remember that the Agile approach surely has a soft corner for client satisfaction. Mends the errors and taking their criticism in a healthy will be a boon. Teams should strive to give an immaculate output and for this, it is necessary to give what the clients are asking for.
Be empathetic 

The recent scenario of COVID has made us realize the importance of being human towards one another. Especially, in these testing times being patient towards the team shows that you are in this for the long run. Scrum meetings allow the organization and the product owner to understand the team’s energy and intentions. If these meetings don’t reflect the value of compassion, then the morale of the employees will crumble down.

     8. Hire the right team 

With the Agile approach, recruiting the right team is like a cakewalk. It makes hiring in compliance and economical by breaking prioritizing the data. Hiring the right team is vital because they will take your organization forward. And to stay agile in a growing organization, it is important to give the team creative freedom. Create a culture of trust and growth.

     9. Dream big

Think out of the box and dream big. Now that you have your dream team, push each other until your vision is accomplished. Explore all the avenues and give your fullest. Remember, aim for the moon and even if you miss your target, you will reach the stars.

     10. Planning is indefensible 

The widespread coronavirus has taught us that adversities don’t come announced. In such cases, preparing for the future, anticipating risks and managing them is valuable for the organization. Agile’s processes are concreate as they involve proper planning at every interval. It gives you the leverage to discover yourself and plan for the future. That said and done, organizations must have a solid plan to withhold any such uncertainties.

In conclusion

As said, Agile is gaining importance beyond imagination. In fact, Agile adoption is going to hit more and more sectors precisely because its failure rate is barely 8 per cent. It is not news, that App Scoop uses Agile mobile and web development approaches. The output is fast, and with reduced risks, the app sees fruition with the best quality. Our seamless project management guarantees nothing but the best. For us, client satisfaction is of utmost importance. To stay ahead of time and to stay agile, partner with App Scoop for your app and web development needs.  

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