Everything You Need to Know About Chat GPT

We are sure you have heard of the times when humankind was busy inventing the wheel or fire. Cut to today, where we have technology like ChatGPT which is at our service solving all our questions. Look at where technology has brought us. Right from ‘how to use leftover rice’ to ‘write a code to develop a tech app’, ChatGPT is here to help you with anything you need. Be it the cars, telephone, the Internet, or smartphones, it wasn’t loved the moment it came in, simply because these technologies were disruptive. But the thing is, if you don’t go with the flow and embrace the technology, you will become obsolete. The same goes for ChatGPT. Elon Musk has rightly said, “AI is More Dangerous than Nukes.” ChatGPT is a by-product of AI increasingly becoming so. In this article, we talk about the premise of ChatGPT and everything you need to know about it.

What is Chat GPT

Created by Open AI, ChatGPT is an AI chatbot and auto-generative system. This is primarily for online customer care. ChatGPT is pre-trained generative chat that uses NLP (Natural Language Processing). With the kind of output it generates, it is hard to believe it has no real intelligence. It does not know what the word means, but it correctly knows how it is used. Developed in November 2022, ChatGPT has a transfer learning approach and is built on top of OpenAI’s GPT-3 family. It was launched as a prototype on November 30, 2022. Chat GPT gives you a breakdown of any given topic in fine detail with explanations. In essence, Chat GPT solves a prompt or answers it in the most human-like manner.

When we asked ChatGPT ‘What is ChatGPT?’ It was quick to respond, “ChatGPT is a conversational language model developed by OpenAI. It uses a deep learning technique called transformer neural networks to generate human-like text based on a given prompt or context. It can be used for a variety of natural languages processing tasks such as language translation, text summarization, and question answering.”

How does ChatGPT work?

This model was trained on powerful GPUs and within no time it has achieved unbelievable results. This is how it works…

• Chat GPT is a variant of a Generative Pretrained Transformer.

• It is trained on a large amount of text data. And fine-tuned on smaller data set.

• Chat GPT is pre-trained through its API.

• To access it, you can create an Open AI account and access the model through REST API.

• Narrow down on your parameters. And provide a prompt on a small window available at the bottom of the page.

• Chat GPT uses the pattern that it learnt while fine-tuning to give the output.

• The post-processing depends on the user. They can perform additional tasks as per their vision.

Applications of Chat GPT

ChatGPT has been loved by all and adopted widely by the AI community and has been embraced by several companies and organizations. Here are its applications.

1. Natural language processing (NLP) and language generation tasks:

ChatGPT is widely used to generate new text from a given input. It can include automatic summarization, speech recognition, discourse analysis, etc. It can also be used to understand human language and generate new text from it.

2. Chatbots and conversational AI:

One of the main applications of ChatGPT is it can be used to build computer programs or machines that can chat with you. And it is also used to build technology called conversational AI giving you an exceptional conversational experience with computers.

3. Write blogs and articles:

ChatGPT can be trained on a large dataset of news articles and blogs, and in turn, it can help generate articles and blog posts. The point to be noted is the article will as good as how the ChatGPT is trained. Chat GPT hosts powerful tools for data generation. All you need to do is give the right prompts.

4. Text classification and topic modelling:

ChatGPT helps in the classification and categorizing of text into various classes, themes, etc.

5. Develop Apps:

A few days back Replit tested a web app with a few ChatGPT prompts in less than a minute. So, one can easily build web apps and third-party software apps using Chat GPT.

6. Sentiment Analysis:

To analyse if the text is positive negative or neutral, ChatGPT can be used for Sentiment Analysis. This is one of the most popular ways to determine and categorize opinions.

7. Question-Answering Systems:

ChatGPT is highly intellectual and can be used to build question-Answering Systems. Given the question is appropriate, ChatGPT can give very precise answers.

8. Text Completion:

It has the ability to predict the next word or sentence making it apt for text completion. The basic process is, to provide the input, use this model for prediction, and then evaluate and refine it.

Ways to incorporate Chat GPT in your business

Chat GPT is for one and all. It creates opportunities for all and helps businesses grow by leaps and bounds. Here are a few of the ways organizations and businesses can leverage ChatGPT.

• Customer Relations: Not all work can be done by humans owing to the work overload. ChatGPT can be used initial stages where it can solve customer inquiries. This surely reduces the work overload.

• Content Generation: What helps sell the brand is content, content, and content. Right content brings in awareness of the brand and loyal customers too. ChatGPT can help generate well-curated articles and blogs. Owing to this, humans can focus on other tasks.

• Fraud detection: ChatGPT analyses text and words very accurately. It can be used to detect fraud to analyse text from emails, social media posts, support chats, etc.

• Chatbots: To provide more human-like interactions, organizations can use ChatGPT and integrate it with chatbots.

• Product recommendations: Ask any query and pat ChatGPT will respond with the answer. ChatGPT can fluently help in product recommendation as it can understand user preferences.

• Brainstorming ideas: With a lot of ifs and buts, ChatGPT can come into the picture while brainstorming ideas. It can help in generating new ideas and creative concepts when given the right prompt.

• Code generation: Given a prompt describing the desired logic or functionality, Chat GPT can be used to generate codes. This reduces the workload of the organizations.

Does Chat GPT have any limitations?

As every coin has two coins, ChatGPT sure comes as a relief for many, but it certainly has some limitations too. And who better to ask this question than ChatGPT itself? It was kind enough to point out its limitations.

• Limited understanding of context: To some extent, the content generated by Chat GPT is half-baked. It struggles to fully understand any concept. May occasionally produce harmful instructions or biased content. And at times it may generate incorrect information.

• Computational and storage requirements: Chat GPT is a heavy application. Training large language applications like ChatGPT needs significant space, power, and storage. This makes it expensive.

• Lack of common sense: We humans have ultimately evolved to understand worldly matters, the way they should be, however, Chat GPT isn’t. It does not understand the world as we do. This can result in the generation of unsophisticated text at times. It has limited knowledge of the world and events after 2021.

Final Thoughts

ChatGPT is just a few months old and look at the disruption it has created. ChatGPT essentially is a conversational AI that performs human-like dialogues. Its use cases are content generation, automated customer service, language translation, etc. We, at App Scoop, are well versed with technology and up in the game when it comes to staying abreast with its latest trends. With that, we also are value-focused, top-notch at prototyping and agile at the core. We can easily vouch that App Scoop can easily build an all-in app that solves all the problems that ChatGPT does.

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