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App-Scoop blockchain developers are pioneers of engineering and developing blockchain solutions on leading distributed ledger technologies such as Hyperledger, Ethereum and Achain. We are an experienced blockchain development studio with a focus on developing decentralized applications using distributed ledger and smart contracts. We provide blockchain consulting services along with strategizing , developing and supporting the blockchain solutions.

Build next generation blockchain products using our Chaincerts platform and advanced technology

What we do ?

Blockchain Consulting

App-Scoop will collaborate with your team and conduct a discovery phase to understand your requirements. After understanding your requirements, we will guide you on what is the best blockchain technology to build the solution on. Our turnkey approach covers everything from developing a blockchain strategy, hiring top blockchain developers to the successful launch.

Enterprise Blockchain

Our blockchain developers understand the special needs of the enterprises such as data privacy , governance , corporate controls etc. This is the rationale behind us pioneering the private/permissioned blockchain solution development. Enterprises are leveraging blockchain to improve transparency and reduce cost in their business operations. What is your use case?

Blockchain wallets

Blockchain wallets are the key to take your blockchain to the consumers and drive the value of your ecosystem. Leverage the experience of our blockchain developers to create your next generation of secure blockchain wallets. We understand the security risk of blockchain transactions, therefore our security analyst will ensure all the security controls are in place so that you can have a peace of mind.

Distributed Applications

Many experts believe that distributed applications are going to dominate the web of future. Are you making any plans to future proof your business or a build a new business in this growing space? App-Scoop's team of blockchain experts and developers can help you with the whole process of distributed applications starting from conceptualization, design, development to ongoing maintenance.

OUR Portfolio


A Blockchain based Web platform that lets you issue certificates and compliance documents that cannot be faked or tampered.

ESports Ecosystem

Block-chain mobile wallet that allows ESE members to transfer ACT or ESE tokens to each other, see the transaction and receive notification. ESE smart contract deploys the loyalty nodes concept.


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