‘Hey, Alexa’ – has become a household saying these days. Its elegant, handy, and helps you get the job done. And for the brands, Alexa provides them with easy promotion, improves customer experience, and acts as a catalyst in their growth. In 2018, Amazon Echo had over 40 million users. And to add to it, since 2020, Alexa has now become compatible with over 100,000 smart home devices. The Alexa Voice Service API provides the brands with an array of opportunities to grow exponentially in this market. Regarding smart speakers, the Amazon Echo family has stamped their authority with over 71% of the market share in their kitty. In today’s day and age, AI-driven assistance, Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa have made us realize the impact of voice. So, let’s look at this further and understand why your brand needs to sign their skill on Alexa. With that, we also provide a few tips on how your skill can gain traction on this platform.
Why should you build your brand on Alexa?

It’s quite clear that smart devices have taken the world by storm. The opportunities they provide are immense, and companies should not shy away from leveraging the benefits of Alexa for their brand. Having your skill on Alexa gives your business a glamorous look and a genuine feel. Here are the reasons one should build their brand on Alexa.

     1. Vast market

Amazon Echo boasts of an enormous market. Last year, almost 70% of the smart speakers in the US used Amazon Echo. This is indeed a huge number of consumers, and the brand should encash on it. The appliances that this gadget connects are innumerable, further giving the brand a chance to reach its customers.

     2.  Voice interface is impactful

Voice-driven engagements bring value to the business and send a genuine message to its users. As much as 18% of the millennials use voice assistance for shopping. And this percentage is expected to increase to 11.5% by the end of 2021. So, the ball is in your court to use this opportunity.

     3.  Easy branding 

Making your name in the market is one of the most arduous tasks. Having effective skills on voice interface gadgets like Alexa will spread the essence of your business with ease.

     4. Creates engagement on the go

Place an Alexa in your room and searching for the things that you wish for becomes a piece of cake. All you need to do is just voice your queries, and your wish is Alexa’s command. This is a scenario that brands can easily capitalize on.

     5. Update to sustain   

Times change and so do trends. There was a time when TV ads created a great impact. Now, owing to technology, there are a series of launches that can take the brand to the next level. Hence, changing as per time is inevitable to sustain the competition.

Here’s how brands can make the most of Alexa

Since its launch, Alexa has hosted over 100,000 skills. The fact is, many people prefer using Alexa over other devices. To reach their customers, brands must think out-of-the-box. By using Alexa skills, companies can create an everlasting impact. It is crucial to connect with the users and provide them with a seamless experience. If you hit the right chord with them, getting loyal customers will be a straightforward task. Here are a few tips on how you can achieve it.

  1. Simple yet elegant

All that glitters is gold. Skills allow a user to make their everyday life fun. And Alexa is here to make the customers’ life easy. Hence, the look and feel of the skill should be jazzy, however, the UI should as smooth as possible. Don’t clutter the icon. Keep the content fresh, catchy, and simple. Make sure that the users relate to the material that you share.

     2. Keep creating fresh content

Optimize your skill by keeping up with the latest trends. Creating new content regularly catches the user’s attention. Fresh content is critical for the brand’s growth as it helps in retaining the audience. This will increase the traffic on your skills, further improving your rank on the search engine.

     3. Being human

It might seem odd, but sounding slightly humane can motivate the users to connect with the brand. In today’s fast-paced life, people look for genuine connections. If the connection that you provide aligns with their mentality, then the sky is the limit. A little personal touch in your voice delivery will make the user feel special.

    4. Wear the customer’s hat 

Agreed, your company has some vision, but one should reach beyond that by wearing the customer’s hat. When you offer services, giving the customers what they are looking for will, in turn, benefit the organization. Do your research, understand the market and the audience thoroughly.

     5. The welcome kit

The brand should create an experience in such a way that first-time customers should consider joining your brand’s clan forever. When your skill hits the Skill Store, it should instantly grab the customer’s attention. It is important that when the user opens your skill, it should guide them with comfort. Instead of them asking the questions, your user guide should be self-sufficient. Provide all the information about your brand.

     6. Strong and reliable backend 

To get traction on this platform, your skill must be available whenever the customers ask. Secondly, the skill should be able to handle the customer traffic and it must be load tested. For things to fall in place, the backend team plays a significant role.

     7. Self-promotion 

Your skill can gain leverage only if it reaches more people. Use all the resources to let people know about your skill. You can reach them on social media and even word-of-mouth works. Once your skill is live, you can gain momentum by informing them about the upcoming events and promotions.


The sales rate of Amazon Alexa is reaching the sky. So much so that by 2025, over 130 million Amazon Echo speakers will make their way into the global market. When the future looks bright, it only makes sense to be a part of it. App Scoop provides customizable solutions that will help your skill create a stir on Alexa. These skills will improve the user experience, further nudging your business.

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