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SocialOwl, a US based Social Media Marketing company required a mobile application for its clients to access social media accounts of local businesses on the go. They also wanted to integrate all their social media suite of services in the mobile app.

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Cambian, a Vancouver-based organization, wanted to automate the existing process of manual data (health data) entered from various devices. The aim was to use an automation tool to capture and transfer the data to enable routine usage by consumers.

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ChainCerts is a certification authentication platform backed by the power of blockchain technology that allows for streamlined and secure processing and management of professional certificates. Digital records are registered on a blockchain, cryptographically signed in a secure yet distributable manner.

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Cambian, a Vancouver-based organization, provides a tool that helps in allocating resources, booking appointments, managing waitlists for healthcare service delivery organizations. They wanted a solution to integrate the tool with third-party websites for booking and managing appointments.

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Mobile app that gives the sales and marketing team a platform to showcase the new mining products to its clients. The company sells its mining products to the leading mining companies of the world and requires an innovative way of showcasing the products and sell to new customers.

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MyCareBase enables care agencies to elevate their performance and management of clients through their dynamic web application. Care agency managers and their caretakers access the platform to maintain client schedules, log care tasks, and get up-to-date information about anything related to the well-being of clients.

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All-In-One Solution For Maintenance Management. A mobile app maintenance management system with CMMS features that suit a variety of industry needs, from manufacturing and healthcare to hospitality and education.

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TransAR utilizes TransLink’s Open API to create a new mobility experience using AR technology and Google Maps. Users can view nearby bus stops, see live locations of approaching buses, and get route information in 2D maps. Switching to the AR view shows bus stops and live locations of busses, providing a real-time visualization of their transit trip.

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SPRK is a fresh and innovative way of connecting people within the same physical location as you. Users check in to restaurants, bars, shopping malls, and more to view a public chat with others wanting to spark up a conversation. This application makes it simple to connect with others and make new friends, and is a great way of breaking the ice for physical interaction.

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ActivScout is a social network designed to help club sports address declining memberships. Users can chat with other users individually or in groups, book matches with other club members, get curated social feeds, and receive notifications on matches or other alerts. Through their mobile application, they are heavily promoting racket sports adoption and play.

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The Rove Gym set is a dynamic exercise system which has a compact piece of equipment that increases the benefits of exercising while reducing workout time. The accompanied Rove Gym app shows users how to set up the machine for each of the 75+ exercises and walks them through it to perfection for form and results.

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​iPOLPO is a global photo marketplace that lists photos categorized by time and location, making it easier than ever to find, buy or sell photos. iPOLPO lets you search for photos based on a given location, track your location to show photos taken near you, select which photos to purchase, and upload your own photos to be sold.

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In App Dynamics is a white-label platform that allows its users the opportunity to order products, track their status, and receive loyalty points for their favourite local businesses. The application is fully customizable for the needs of each business and provides ease of use in an all-in-one application for their purchasing needs.

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AIM Coaching wanted to make a mobile app for Android and iOS to automate the process from lead capture to sales closing process and to manage their work-life balance by setting their goals and targets. Realtors need an easy access to saved documentation such as contracts, showing trackers linked to their leads.

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