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Whether you require a new website for your business application or you want to enhance your existing web application with a responsive design, App-Scoop has the expertise to help you out. Since not all off-the-shelf applications have all the requirements for your business, App-Scoop can customize each element and integrate with your existing applications. Reach out to us for all your web application development needs.

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Agile Methodology

As true professionals, we understand time and money are limited resources for any business. Therefore, once we complete the discovery phase of understanding client requirements, we move on to build a quick prototype of your web application to have a sneak-peak of the end product. In addition to initial prototype, our software team utilizes agile methodology to compartmentalize web applications, which allows our clients to test segments of functionality of applications while our developers proceed to develop the next function. This approach helps to save our clients time and money and it allows for an ongoing feedback mechanism as we progress through development.

Responsive Design

Responsive design has been a breakthrough in web design technology. Having a website or a web application that can adjust to any screen size and any device has helped companies to reach their target audience in no time. With responsive design, you only need one version of your app or website to serve different segments of the market. You don’t even need to build a native mobile version of your application. One app fits all mantra works best with a responsive design. Our design team has decades of experience in producing meaningful and intuitive designs for all web applications.

Seamless Integration

An application package is efficient and effective only if all its components together work in a smooth manner. Whether you are developing a web application along with mobile app or an enterprise software, we ensure seamless integration across all platforms and devices. App-Scoop's portfolio includes numerous large-scale projects with integrations across various platforms. Your next web application has endless possibilities when it comes to the types of integrations you wish to incorporate.

Quality Assurance

Our primary objective is to provide quality products to our clients, and we never compromise on this aspect regardless of the deadline. App-Scoop’s quality check team makes sure that all your applications always go through an intense testing procedure before getting delivered. They perform various quality checks on performance, monitoring, agility, software updates etc. to see if the code, software, and UI/UX works smoothly in all systems and devices, even with high traffic.

OUR Portfolio

Cambian Booking Widget

Featured, easy-to-use widget that can be integrated with third-party websites for booking and managing appointments.

My CareBase

My Care Base enables care agencies to elevate their performance and management of clients through their dynamic web application.

In App Dynamics

A white-label platform that allows its users the opportunity to order products, track their status, and receive loyalty points for their favorite local businesses.

Track Loop

An IoT enabled logistics web application for managers to keep track of orders, drivers and vehicles.


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