How Often Should You Update Your App?

Updating Apps is a vital aspect of the app development scheme. Once an app is complete and released,  the next step for a developer is to maintain it and release updates from time to time to improve its functionality, aesthetics, and ease of use. There is no specified time frame as to how frequently an app needs to be an updated. The frequency of updates are contingent upon the need to expand the scope of an app, re-branding, alter functionality, and to incorporate user feedback. As such, the more significant the update, the more time it will require to develop and the less regular will be the update frequency. In other words, major updates often do not occur with great frequency whereas minor updates may occur with regularity.  For the reasons specified below and contingent on the element being updated, it may be worthwhile to release small updates regularly rather than wait a considerable period of time to release a major update. Nonetheless, too frequent updates may lead to user annoyance as well.
Updating an app creates loyalty within the user base and encourages non-users to download an app based on stronger reviews and ratings. The reason for this is that if your app does not improve functionality and repair bugs, users who enjoy your app will search for an alternative that meet their needs.    Users of an app may be willing to utilize an app for a period of time but their loyalty may wane without updates especially if there are bugs or if a similar app provides expanded functionality. Without updates addressing bugs, user concerns or user suggestions, annoyance may mount resulting in users leaving poor reviews hurting the reputation of the app and in turn, it’s marketability. In the alternative, releasing updates signals to users the extent of a company’s dedication to their app and thus, furthering user loyalty Creating and strengthening user loyalty will lead to improved marketing with not only the app itself but as a brand at large.