QR Codes: Bridging gaps between patients and hospitals

There is always more to QR Codes than what we see through our eyes. Gone are the days, when QR Codes were scanned for payments only. Owing to its flexible nature, this technology has made its way in almost all the industries – banking, retail, finance, HR and payrolls, education, and marketing, just to name a few. However, the way it has navigated its path in the healthcare sector is highly commendable. A recent study by Juniper Research states that by 2022 the number of QR code coupons redeemed via mobile will reach 5.3 billion. This means various industries, especially wellness and healthcare will surely benefit from this.
​QR codes played a great role during the outbreak of COVID-19. Right from easy access to patients to aiding the hospitals to provide contactless services, QR codes ensured social distancing and adhered to all the protocols of COVID-19. In this blog, we will throw some light on the basics of QR codes, their importance in the healthcare sector, and how App-Scoop embraced this technology to grow leaps and bounds. 
QR Code in healthcare:

The way the QR code technology penetrated the healthcare sector is simply commendable. That is precisely because of what it brings to the table. Be it the patients or the hospital staff, both can easily scan the code through their smartphones for various purposes. This touch-free technology saves time further benefiting both the patients and the hospital. QR codes ensure a swift patient management system as it helps in streamlining the core processes. It further provides a breather to the hospital staff as it guarantees time efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Let’s take a look at some of the other uses of this technology in the healthcare sector. 

Benefits of using QR code in healthcare and well-being

(Source: Google Trends)
The above graph clearly shows a steady rise in the significance of QR codes in the past few years. Utilizing QR codes enhances the care delivery process, patient and hospital staff management, marketing, and other processes.

  • Contactless access

Abiding by the COVID-19 norms has become the need of the hour. Incorporating QR codes in the business process enhances the business’ efficiency, and it moreover ensures zero-contact check-ins, social distancing, and other COVID norms. QR code is a one-step process to allows the patients to register themselves, schedule appointments, and follow up procedures. This process at larger minimizes the spread of the virus and provides a safe environment for all.

  • Healthcare marketing

Doctors, clinics, and hospital staff can make use of QR codes to reach a larger audience. They can include QR codes on pamphlets or brochures. Providing QR codes gives easy access to the patients to understand the hospital’s services.

  • Equipment management

Hospitals and clinics are full of medical equipment. When you store such myriad equipment, management becomes a task. QR codes linked with these medical instruments allows the hospital staff a better way to manage it. Scanning the codes will give the staff easy access to information that the equipment withholds. The manual that comes with the medical equipment are lengthy and reading it becomes a task. A simple scan will provide the helpers with what they are looking for. This overall increases the hospital efficiency.
(Information source: https://mobisoftinfotech.com/resources/blog/qr-codes-to-enhance-patient-outcome/)

  • Helping senior citizens

Age is just another number. It is not an indicator of one’s skill or how one should enjoy their life. A person of any age has the freedom to be carefree. Elderly people are restricted to their homes owing to many reasons. To overcome these issues, QR code comes as a boon. Senior patients, or people suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia, can now go for walks nearby their house and still, their family members can be at ease. All the patient needs to do is wear the QR bracelets which contains all their personal information. In case of any mishap, they can easily be traced.

  • Drugs authenticity

As per a report, more than 132 million people in the United States take prescriptions drugs. Providing QR codes on the prescription and pharmaceutical packing can bridge the communication gap between buyer and seller. This further helps in minimizing fake or counterfeit drugs.

  • Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

This digital technology has made providing medical services to all a piece of cake. QR codes can be used to monitor the patients’ health even after they get discharged. For instance, the patient can update their history or even their medicine routine, by scanning the QR code and informing the hospital. It is a win-win situation for all.
(Information source: https://drkumo.com/rpm-remote-patient-monitoring/remote-patient-monitoring-qr-codes-in-healthcare/)
How App-Scoop embraced this technology?
By making utmost use of this technology, we provided Cambian, a Vancouver-based organization, a business solution that expedited various of their processes. Handling such a project post-pandemic, showcased the importance of this technology. We offered solutions that helped in booking appointments, allocating resources, managing waitlists and patients’ records, and streamlining workflows. Automating their existing process where they had to enter the records manually, gave their workflow a new dimension. And on the other hand, it came as a relief for the patients as well. This is how the system worked:

  1. Instead of calling the hospitals for an appointment, the patients need to fill an online form with all their details. This is a one-time task.
  2. Once they fill in all the information, a QR code is created against their name. This now becomes their unique identification code.
  3. The application scans for the doctor’s details and provides the patients with an appointment as per availability.
  4. Upon arrival at the hospital or clinic, all the patient needs to do is show the QR code at the reception.
  5. As the users fill in all their information at their convenience, the hospital team can keep a close watch on the updates, further providing them better care.

And the outcome, you ask? This solution provides the users or patients, better care at the comfort of their home. They can easily schedule an appointment, making this process hassle-free as opposed to what it was before. It lent a helping hand to the hospitals to abide by the COVID-19 rules and regulations.

Statista’s recent survey exudes that over 11 million households in the United States have scanned QR codes last year alone. This number rose from 9.76 million scans in 2018. These statistics showcase that QR codes have become a household name. The reasons are many. However, what takes the driver’s seat is what this technology brings to the table. Be it any industry, QR codes has shown its worth which has only lead to the improvement of the business. And when the future of this technology is so bright, why should you stay aloof? App-Scoop crafts business solutions and products with utmost care and passion.
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