Just picture this – you are halfway through the meeting, and you realize that you haven’t purchased a gift for your loved one. There is no going back. You need the gift by the end of the day, but work keeps piling up. With work taking priority at times, running errands like these might seem like a hassle. Now, when you can solve the problem with a click of an app, is there something else that you’d be looking for? Deleezy comes as a relief for someone who is looking for a same-day and last-minute delivery service. And to add to that it offers seamless and speedy pick and drop service for everyday items. This delivery company has its headquarters in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada. 
In today’s ever-changing world, to sustain the competition, business models change too. Devising features that enable user satisfaction will surely boost the business. Deleezy is App Scoop’s one of the dear projects for many reasons. We took this as a challenge and came up with fantastic results. Firstly, it pushed us to pull our socks and come with out-of-the-box feature ideas. And the results have been commendable. In this article, we talk about the features that help Deleezy shine, how to build a delivery-based application like Deleezy and how App Scoop can help you develop the application. 

Nine features that make Deleezy stand apart

Features define the usability of the application. To devise an application that benefits all, the developer should consider the user expectations, brand demands, and industry standards. App Scoop believes in keeping the approach simply yet classy, which significantly benefits the business. Here are eight features that act as a catalyst in the growth of Deleezy.  

  1. Strong Algorithm 

One of the most important aspects of any delivery-based application is to ensure smooth operation, timely delivery, and customer satisfaction. The robust algorithm that we built for Deleezy does the same. The system picks the driver depending on the proximity, travel movement, adjusting orders and more.

    2.  Route optimization 

Our strong algorithm provides our backend team with an upper hand to choose the shortest and the most viable path for the drivers. This helps in improving operations with route optimization. Now, for instance, if the driver had three orders–which means three pickups and three drop-offs. Depending on the current traffic, customer priority and a few other factors, the driver is handed the route that favours all. In today’s world, where time is of the utmost essence, such a feature comes in handy.

     3. Contactless delivery 

Almost two years into this and the world is still facing the wrath of the coronavirus. But life does not stop there. And as we get back to normalcy, the contactless delivery feature helps contain the spread of the virus whilst employing the needy and delivering happiness.

     4.  Jack of all trades

The welcome page of the Deleezy reads–we deliver just about everything. Right from food, gifts to party supplies and almost everything under the sun. Just so, we build an application with features that take care of everything.

     5.  Interactive and easy UI

Deleezy boasts of a well-designed UI. This essentially promises customer engagement. And overall leads to bringing in more loyal customers. The UI is easy to handle, and its functions create a bridge that connects the customers and brand. The perk of having an interactive UI allows us to under the needs of customers even better, further helps us serve them seamlessly. With the users can place orders in a jiffy.

     6.  Real-time tracking 

This feature adds to the credibility of the application. Once the order is confirmed, customers can instantly monitor and track their order. Another positive of this feature is that it allows bidirectional monitoring, which helps both the customer and the driver.

     7.  Easy payment option

Payment is an option that signs the deal between the customer and the brand. A slight glitch can take away the order from the brand. We built an easy in-app payment option that makes things for the customer. Payment options are customized to perfection as per the customer’s specifications. All the possible payment gateways make this feature and the app a crowd puller.

     8.  Instant notifications

To stay in touch with the customers is to keep the brand alive in their hearts. This feature sends notifications to the customers regarding their orders, deals, upcoming offers, promotions, and others. This keeps the customers engaged and the brand up and alive.

     9.  Review and rating 

This simple feature can take the application to new heights of success. Users can share their experiences, provide the brand with tips to improve the service and their words of appreciation will surely boost the morale of the brand. 

This is how you can build an app like Deleezy 

To create an avant-garde application such as Deleezy, we kept our approach pretty simple. Adhering to the Agile methodology, as usual, gave us the expected outcome–an application that is hit amongst the crowd. Here are some steps that will help you develop an app like Deleezy.

  1. Understand the need of the hour

For every problem, there is a solution. Understanding the problem areas gives a commendable push to the project. Every application is like a solution that addresses the issue. In today’s busy world, the user looks for an instant, easy and hassle-free delivery option. With this, their priority is to buy top quality products, too. Now, this gives the brand a heads up to devise a solution for the same. Get into the shoes of the users to understand their needs.
Gather the best team

The success of the application depends on the team. Look for a team member that adds value to the business. Once you have a rough idea of who the team members will be, brief them about the project and make sure that they understand the essence of the assignment.

     3.  Get moving!

One of the initial steps involves brainstorming sessions. These sessions usually give the team an overview of what the output of the product is. Now, get moving and begin your research. Study the target audience thoroughly. Set some industry standards and aim to achieve better than them.

      4.  Interface, flow, and design 

By now, the project will take shape. Now comes the critical step of designing the skeleton of the app. We aim to keep the interface easy but with some out-of-the-box features. Gather all the business cases, analyze them, and transform your work into a wireframe. Business Intelligence will bring in the much-needed relief and give you clarity in decision making. In the end, the sealed wireframes should be converted into interactive UI. With that, the process of development and coding starts. The right project management will sign the deal here.

     5. The essential rendezvous 

Open communication amongst the team members and the client is the key here. After every interval, conduct a meeting with the client-side to inform them about the progress. This process helps you keep in tandem with their requirements. Scrum meetings help everyone (stakeholders, team, and management) to stay in alignment with the project at every step.

​     6. Incorporate feedback 

The application will see its fruition once the client approves it. Guarantee them perfection. The application comes to life once it goes live on the store. Monitor the user movements and translate them into something worthwhile. And as per the changing trends, keep incorporating new features. 

We are here for you! 

App Scoop believes in commitment and will move heaven to earth and fulfil it. We communicate openly, which helps us understand our client’s requirements. We leave no stone unturned to improve and innovate. App Scoops understands that the future of mobile lies in applications. Mobile apps connect the users with the brands. Creating an application is a fruitful journey, and it depends on your hard work and resilience. App Scoop’s team is diligent and our work exudes our vision of crafting applications with passion and pride. At App Scoop, we will not only understand your requirements to the tee but also deliver an app that will make your business grow by leaps and bounds. Now that you have a great business idea, we request you to sit and sip on your hot coffee as we put forth an immaculate application for your brand.

To talk to our experts, kindly contact: https://www.app-scoop.com/contact-us.html

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