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We take pride in our 100% client retention rate and our long-standing partnerships
with some of the most reputable brands, spanning over five years.

Top-Rated Software Development Services in Vancouver

Whether you need mobile app development, web development, or UI/UX design, App Scoop is your trusted partner for software development services in Vancouver. With a focus on innovative design, we deliver exceptional results that drive growth and exceed expectations.
Strategy, conceptualization to custom mobile app development, we provide a comprehensive suite of development services to meet your project requirements.

Mobile App Development

App Scoop offers premier mobile app development services in Vancouver. From concept to deployment, we’ll take care of everything so that you can focus on other business aspects.

Web App Development

App Scoop is your go-to choice for web app development services in Vancouver. From e-commerce platforms to enterprise solutions, we have a wide range of choices available.

UI/UX Development

If you are looking for a UI/UX development company in Vancouver, we ensure intuitive and visually appealing interfaces for your digital products. Our expertise lies in creating seamless user experiences.

AI App Development

App Scoop leads in AI app development, harnessing advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to create innovative and intelligent applications that cater to various industries, enhancing efficiency, automation, and user experiences.

Blockchain Development

App Scoop is renowned for its top-tier blockchain development services, delivering robust and secure decentralized solutions tailored to clients' specific needs, leveraging the latest advancements in blockchain technology to drive innovation and efficiency across various industries.

Social Media App

App Scoop is widely recognized as one of the best social media app development company, combining expertise in user experience design, backend infrastructure, and cutting-edge features to create engaging social platforms that redefine user interaction and connectivity.

Health Care

App Scoop specializes in developing health apps for medical professionals in Vancouver that provide seamless access to critical information and enable easy communication.


App Scoop offers affordable data management solutions by creating robust applications to streamline and optimize your data handling processes.


App Scoop excels in developing personalized educational apps, meticulously crafted to address individual learning requirements, and offering dynamic and immersive features to enhance the learning journey.


App Scoop design and create apps for IT and technology sector, offering customized solutions to support skill development in areas such as programming, cybersecurity, data science, and more.

Our process is simple & seamless.

See what and how we convert your idea into a reality

01. Requirement gathering

After an NDA is signed, our business analysts understand your project. We then prepare user journeys to make sure we are well-placed to make the right recommendations for you.

02. Design prototype and user testing

We begin with a design prototype to validate the app. It takes 40 to 80 hours to design clickable prototypes, and we charge USD 25 to USD 50 per hour. If the user testing goes well, we provide a development quote to you

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03. Agile development

Our project coordinators then prepare detailed sprint goals. Only when you approve, we initiate the development process. Our coordinator does weekly calls to share progress.

04. Launch & support

We beta release the app, and if all looks good, we launch it. Our team continues to support the app for free for 6 months to deliver a great user experience.

All-inclusive Technology Stack

The development team working on a project uses only modern and scalable
technologies to implement mobile and web applications the way you mean it.
The development team working on a project uses only modern and scalable technologies to implement mobile and web applications the way you mean it.

Web Technologies


  • nodejs
    Node JS
  • download
    Type Script
  • 58480979cef1014c0b5e4901
  • Ruby_On_Rails_Logo.svg


  • reactjs
  • angular-1
  • vue
    Vue JS

Mobile Technologies


  • swift


  • kotlin

Cross Platform

  • fluter
  • reactjs
    React Native

Feel free to ask our team what programming language wouldwork better for your app

Delighted clients make us happy!

App-Scoop accommodated requests, using their tech stack, adjusting to the project management tools, and communicating issues that might impact the timeline. In the end, they delivered a quality product.

Chief Commercial Officer

Healthcare IT Services Company


Though the app has yet to be launched, internal stakeholders are satisfied with App-Scoop’s services, noting that major requirements have been fulfilled.

Product Manager

Software Solutions Company

App-Scoop has had a satisfactory and noteworthy partnership with the customer, who has praised the team for their inventiveness, resourcefulness, and out-of-the-box thinking.


Social Media SaaS Company

App-Scoop has done great work thus far. The team is responsive, and they work hard to ensure that they deliver what the business needs.

Director of IT

NRI Distribution

App-Scoop has managed tight deadlines exceedingly well, according to the client. Their collaborative style and variety of resources ensure that robust functionalities are delivered in a timely manner. Customers can expect a communicative, organized partner with flexible project management.

Software Engineering Director

Sports Team Parent Company

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