​Being a top brand makes it mandatory for you to have your own application to drive engagement and get access to customers that generate revenue for your business. So, the most important thing is if you are giving your customers a good experience because word of mouth is one of the most used and effective marketing strategy to keep your customer base engaged.
Let’s take a look at 7 strategies that top brands can use to keep their mobile users engaged: 
Simplified Login Process for New Users

It is of utmost importance to create a simplified login process for customers. Keep the signup less complicated with basic fields or else the users are most likely to abandon the app. For example, Facebook’s sign up is a 5-step process; name, number or email address, password, date of birth and gender.
Once the user signs up, the app educates the users about functionality and features through gestures and actions while the customer uses it.


With the advent of push notifications, you can increase customer engagement by targeting messages based on the customer’s behavioral and data preferences, for example, a discount or a sale on a particular product.
We must also keep in mind, that the customers like to be in control of the content that they receive on the mobile phones, so it’s important that the application has a ‘switch on/switch off notification’ option.  
Content is King

Your brand must implement lead nurturing programs that help you identify the needs, interests and actions of the customer. Audience segmentation based of in-app behaviors and demographics can also help monetize the company’s apps with better ROI.
For example, food apps such as Zomato has content for almost all restaurants with general information, reviews, menus and highlights. They also have live updates for the week, such as discounts and offers on certain days of the week. 


Your content might be the best, but research claims that most customers sign up on the application to get discounts, coupons, special promotions and rewards. Giving these incentives to the user can go a long way encouraging customer engagement and boosting brand loyalty. Rewards can be given for the usage of the app or by providing special discount codes.

Social Media Engagement

Showcasing your content and announcing discounts or rewards can best reach your audience with the help of social media. Social media marketing can provide a huge customer base that interacts on a daily basis. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pintrest and many other social media sites churn updated content on a daily basis.
Top brands can create engaging, personalized content by following the social media trends to attract their customers. The application can send push notifications that contain relevant content that makes the users engage with the app on a daily basis.

Make Sharing Easier

Incorporating social media apps in your application makes it easier for your user to share. You can make the user market your app by providing him/her benefits or reward points on sharing the application with a certain amount of users. When top brands make the app ‘share-friendly’, it’s easier for the customer to ‘like’ and ‘share’ on social platforms. Did you know, Instagram users have shared more than 30 billion photos and 3.5 billion likes per day? The reason is “because it’s that simple!”

Requesting Feedback

It’s important that regular feedback is taken from the user that is engaging with the application. Users that give you a higher score, Net Promoter Score (NPS) are your app promoters, whereas, those who score the app low are ‘detractors’.
The feedback form should only have relevant fields and should be easy to fill out. Listening to the users helps you improve the app store ratings and work on the feedback. Airbnb doesn’t only ask the person who rents the place to upload a review but also the person who is the owner of the place to write a review. The feedback given by both the parties ensures transparency and allows the user to make an informed decision. 

As we’ve understood, brand strategy for your application is an endless cycle. The customer’s expectations are increasing day by day as new apps, brands and social media strategies arise. The basic point that needs to be kept in mind is the customer’s benefit, seamless experience while using the app and easy navigation skills.
Listening to the customer, incorporating feedback and keeping your content up-to-date will help you withhold your loyal customers and draw new ones. So the questions is, are you now ready to entice your users and be the next top mobile brand?

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