​At App-Scoop, we believe every person and organization experiences one of two mutually exclusive states, either growth or decay. In an effort to educate our readers and provide insight into the latest mobile app trends, below we highlight 4 of the more exciting mobile app trends of 2017 we have observed:

​Mobile Technology Trend #1: Smart Homes and Internet of Things

​Smart apps for homes are continuing to be developed that help with monitoring and the better use of utility resources. For instance, mobile apps for the home allow users to remotely control the home lights, heating, home locks, and alter and monitor home security features from anywhere around the globe. This affords homeowners an intelligent new method to keep costs down and also addresses the rising concerns of parents and care providers to monitor their aging parents, pets, and children.
The Internet of Things is the interconnection via the internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects both household and otherwise, allowing them to both send and receive informational data. According to http://www.marketsandmarkets.com/Market-Reports/internet-of-things-market-573.html, the Internet of Things market is estimated to grow from $157 billion (US currency) in 2016 to $661 billion (US currency) in 2021. The integration of the Internet of Things application is impacting transport, security, healthcare, energy, education, and automobiles. Given the breadth of its applicability, it stands as one of the mobile app trends to watch out for in 2017.

Mobile Technology Trend #2: Artificial Intelligence

As discussed in http://www.ascendle.com/blog/top-7-trends-in-mobile-apps-for-2017-and-beyond, technology companies are beginning to embed their technology with more sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI). For instance, Apple has developed Siri, IBM has developed Watson and Microsoft has done the same with Cortana. This AI technology could further be commercialized to impact virtually any industry and can be utilized for any form of education, professional development and even lead to further replacement of employee jobs and job functions. Moreover, as highlighted by Hollywood films, the AI technology can be useful for personal company and entertainment. 

​Mobile Technology Trend #3: Location Based Services

​Location based services are gaining further momentum and gaining focus within marketing efforts. Mobile apps with location based services embedded allow for a business to do such things as:

  • advertise at one specific store or specific stores and not across all stores;
  • cross-promote with corporate affiliates or partners; and
  • provide nearby customers with spur of the moment or timed specials. 

In essence, location based services allows a company to target customers in specified areas and engage with them through various promotional or information alerts. 

​Mobile Technology Trend #4: Android Instant Apps

​2017 will introduce a minor yet convenient revolution with Android Instant Apps. Android Instant Apps have the capacity to instantly load on a phone without the need of downloads or installation times. The instantaneous nature of Android Instant Apps will serve those constantly imploring for technology to become faster, stronger and more robust. Additionally, the particularly beneficial element of Android Instant Apps will be overcoming the reluctance some users may have in trying a new mobile app.
Technologically speaking… the future is brighter than ever!
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