Advertisements are the oldest form of marketing. They catered mainly to a mass audience who were grouped based on gender, occupation, etc. In today’s times, companies are trying to target each individual based on their unique preferences. Hence, the best way to target individuals is through mobile apps!

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Did You Know?
There will be roughly 7 billion mobile users worldwide, by 2020? Annual mobile app downloads in 2022 are projected to reach 258 billion? App store consumer spending is projected to increase by 92% to $157 billion worldwide in 2022?

Yes, it’s all TRUE!
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​In the United States, the average user spends almost three hours a day in mobile applications out of less than four hours a day spent on mobile devices. The mobile app industry is blooming, especially with the constant changes being made in the AI software. Artificial Intelligence helps mobile apps store the user’s data to identify and pre-empt their preferences, needs and choices of the user. This immensely helps brands to market their products. 
Currently, businesses are targeting different app stores for enhancing their brand’s visibility and to reach out to their customers; they are monetizing the applications and reaping out large profits.
Advantages of Having a Mobile App for your Business


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Quick Search, Quick Find
If the user wishes to purchase a product, he/she needs to log in online, search for the product, keep waiting for URLs to download and gives them the opportunity to compare it with other brands. With a mobile application, companies can ensure that the user just needs to click on an app, type in their preferred product in Search and voila!
An app makes it for the user to even find a product if they are offline and it hardly takes a few seconds. Amazon is one of the leading e-commerce apps because it allows the user to search and get their items delivered by just performing a few steps.

Enables a Direct Marketing Channel
Using mobile apps allows brands to directly sell their products to end-users. It serves many functionalities such as it can provide general information, product prices, search features, news feeds, and so on.
Through push notifications, brands can get even closer to a direct interaction with their customers; and even alerting them if new or discounted products and services are being launched. 

Awareness and Visibility of The Brand
There are different ways to increase awareness and visibility of the brand – as we mentioned, initially different ways of advertising the brand included radios, hoardings, TV, pamphlets, etc. Using a mobile app is like a blank hoarding. Brands can make it stylish, informative and functional as per the business requirement.
For best results, brands should create apps with features that the customers would get attracted to, for instance, simple payment methods, virtual intelligence features, etc. The more often customers get involved with the brand’s app, the sooner they tend to buy their products and services.

Collecting Consumer Data
If an app appears to be trustworthy and is helpful for the users, then certainly the users would love to share their personal data with the brand. Brands can use the AI feature in their app to get personal data from their users.

Onboarding option is one of the best options through which the brands can collect information about the users with a set of few questions that would be produced while registering. If the application offers special offers, discounts or bonuses, then the brand can present a set of questions in return of bonuses that would likely attract the users.
Another way is to track reviews about products and tracking in-app behaviour – this would help the brands take initiative for making effective digital marketing strategies. For instance, the Starbucks mobile app helps Starbucks collect user data, try out new ideas, and roll out targeted data-driven initiatives. The company’s personalization and customer satisfaction efforts are reaping excellent rewards. As of April 2019, Starbucks boasted 16.8 million active loyalty program members.

Geo-Targeted Push to Increase User Base
One of the biggest beneficial factors of the Internet is shattering borders and making the world one place. Mobile apps can not only increase the brand’s user base in the country of their origin but also gives them the scope to enter the International market.
With the help of geo-targeted push notifications, localization and location-based content brands can send specific messages to the right user base. Brands can give users specific content based on their region or even exact location mapping. Location-based calls-to-action feel much more personalized and drives more effective sales.

Connecting with Users
With mobile apps, it becomes easier for the brand to connect with individual users.
Personalizing content for each user makes them feel special and they keep coming back for more. Customers want to experience content that is relevant to them and their interests.
Push-notifications reminds users about your brand and encourages them to use it. Although brands should remember not to overdo it – too many push notifications about irrelevant information would just irritate the users.
In-App messages allows the brands to message the user in the app itself. It is a good way to reach the target audience as it is built into the app experience and is extremely personalized. Messages can introduce new features, and drive conversion.

Social Network Marketing Through Mobile Apps
Due to the ability to synchronize with the social networks, the brand has a higher chance to disperse the virtualization of their content. Users can easily share the brand’s content on their social networks, thus creating viral posts. For instance, the new PUMA ad of Propah Woman has created a stir in society and gained many followers and brand customers.

Summarizing Mobile App Marketing
Mobile apps make the brand stronger. They break all boundaries geologically. The user can walk through the application anywhere and anytime, whether it is during their leisure time or long journeys. To attract maximum attention from the user brands should create apps that reflect all the features the target audience is looking for and involve the users in the app as much as possible. ‘Effective frequency’ exposes the app to more users, hence, the chances of a purchase are even higher.
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