We humans are social animals, we mean, most of us are. And we do yearn for social connections. In literal terms, it means a feeling that we belong and are connected to a group, where a lot of emotions are involved. With technology, all this has been possible, giving us a chance to explore the unheard of. Now, as technology progresses, the phenomenon of social connection will have a new face. Rather it already has. Welcome to Metaverse – the next evolution of social connection. 

Wouldn’t it be just awesome to sit in the comfort of your home and meet up for coffee with your friend who lives on a different continent, walk through quaint lanes of Oslo – while you are working in say Delhi, or just get over your frustration by killing a monster? Well, to do all of this at one time is quite difficult in the real world. But this is what Mark Zuckerberg promises in the metaverse. In this article, we will have a look at the origin of the metaverse, what it means, how does this world functions, the tech support it requires, and much more!

Metaverse - The future of technology

Meta – what? The origin of the metaverse

“Today, I think we look at the internet. But I think in the future you are going to be in the experience” – Mark Zuckerberg

Technologies like Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and others, are helping us be a part of the virtual world experience. But the metaverse is a completely different ball game. So, in essence, the metaverse is an amalgamation of the words ‘meta’ and ‘universe’. Meta, which means beyond, give a whole meaning to the metaverse, that is beyond imagination. In totality, the metaverse is a network of 3D virtual worlds whose focus is on social connection.  
Some might say that the word metaverse only recently existed. But the reality is, it was devised by Neal Stephenson in his 1992 novel Snow Crash. This science-fiction novel is roughly about Hiro, touted as the protagonist, who sells pizza for the mafia, and in his spare time, this nerd loves to sword-fight in the metaverse, something known as the parallel universe. Post that, there are a few other movies and novels that spoke about this technology, but what gave it a moment was the Connect 2021 conference, where Mark dropped the news of the ambitious metaverse project. The metaverse, in short, will give us the power to express ourselves better, explore further social connections, and experience the world with a lot more originality. 

Giving us a clear idea of what metaverse brings to the table, Mark in a founder’s letter said, “In the metaverse, you’ll be able to do almost anything you can imagine — get together with friends and family, work, learn, play, shop and create completely new experiences that don’t really fit how we think about computers or phones today. We made a film that explores how you might use the metaverse one day.” He further added, “The defining quality of the metaverse will be a feeling of presence — like you are right there with another person or in another place. Feeling truly present with another person is the ultimate dream of social technology. That is why we are focused on building this.”

Metaverse: Powered by different applications and technologies

The metaverse development is a bold project which will take some time and a lot of innovative technologies. Known for creating an artificial yet real environment, metaverse uses a combination of technologies like AR, VR, IoT, blockchain, AI, cryptocurrencies, 3D reconstruction, and others. For instance, the application of IoT will make the metaverse smarter. IoT will provide valuable data from the real world, which in the process increases the accuracy of the metaverse. With the use of these technologies, the Meta team is working on displays, audio, mixed reality, eye tracking, haptics, hand tracking, input, sensors, graphics, computer vision, perceptual science, and others.
Metaverse - The future

1. AR and VR

Metaverse is known as the future of AR and VR. And what these technologies will do is provide a gateway to enter the magical yet real world of the metaverse, also known as the embodied internet. What AR will do is provide you with an enhanced and virtual version of the real world. This is achieved through the use of visual elements, sound, and other sensory stimuli delivered through technology. While VR lets you deep-dive into the 3D virtual environment by using 3D computer modelling, each technology has a great role to play. 

Touted as ‘Project Cambria’ by Meta, it is said this venture will surely push the boundaries of the existing technologies. Project Cambria is a high end virtual and augmented reality headset. Meta informed that this will power the avatar to make natural eye contact and reflect your facial emotions in real-time. This device will be realized in the running year, and it comes with better face tracking, color-pass through mixed reality, and a great lens.

2. 3D Reconstruction

This technology is a process through which the true essence and appearance of real objects can be extracted. 3D reconstruction gained weight especially during the pandemic and in the real estate segment, as people refrained from visiting the properties in person. The global 3D reconstruction was valued at $816.6 million in 2020. And studies suggest that is bound to touch a value of $1292.22 million by 2026. The metaverse intends to create a virtual yet real world. The 3D reconstruction technology will act as a catalyst in doing so! 

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The application of AI in today’s world is commendable. Come metaverse, and AI will again show its worth. This technology helps in understanding human capabilities – reasoning, communication, planning, understanding, and perception. Combine this with Machine Learning (ML), and it will leverage it to revamp the concept of learning from previous iterations taking a lot of scenarios into consideration. AI will make metaverse more inclusive, it will help make the avatars more life-like; pair it with 3D reconstruction, and it gives us a better picture of our environment. 

In short, with metaverse, AI can act as an agent that augments our experience, helps in better communication and allows the system to be empathetic, whilst providing a better user experience. For instance, Observe.AI is the world’s first Intelligent Workforce Platform that revolutionizes contact centres by using AI to optimize the customer experience, boost agent performance, and surface insights in seconds that lead to a better customer experience. This experience will give metaverse users a rich experience and a sense of living in the real world even while they stay in the comfort of their homes. 

4. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Blockchain provides decentralized and transparent solutions for any transactions that will take place in the metaverse. While cryptocurrency will allow the users to buy, purchase, or sell, their work in the virtual world. The key advantages of incorporating these technologies with metaverse will offer transparency, proof of ownership, adequate governance, interoperability, and will safeguard the trust of the users. Studies suggest that cryptocurrency has all the abilities to become the official currency of the metaverse. App-Scoop embraces this growing blockchain trend by developing new digital products that will transform the future generation. 

Where are we headed?

Let’s face it – metaverse will surely be our present and our future too. As we head into our future, social connections will still be on the priority list. These social connections although virtual will surely be immersive. That’s where we are headed – a world beyond imagination.  And the opportunities metaverse will create will certainly revolutionize the world. App-Scoop’s motto is to stay abreast with the latest technologies and provide a seamless world to our customers. To understand this world better, do tag along with us, this journey will surely be amazing. https://www.app-scoop.com/contact-us.html

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