​In this competitive market for apps, how do you attract a user’s attention to your app? What does it take to make the user download your application from the plethora of apps that are on the app store? – the answer is through a powerful App Preview. Your next question might be, ‘how do you attract the customer in 30 seconds?’ Well, let’s find out! 

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​The creation of an app preview can be the most daunting stage post the app creation process. Let’s take a look at the few points to keep in mind while creating an app preview:

  • Constructing a strong storyline (in 30 seconds)
  • Creating a Storyboard with an audio-visual script
  • Finalizing the production process
  • Ensuring that the video has your app’s brand and design
  • Giving your app the WOW factor

What is an App Preview?

An App Preview is a 30-second video that gives the users an idea of what the app is all about. The core functionality of the app needs to be highlighted in this video. It should:

  • Introduce the app’s brand to the user
  • Demonstrate how the app’s user interface works
  • Skimming through the app’s core feature

​For example, Uber’s App Preview would:

  • Firstly, introduce the brand logo
  • Then skim through the process of how to book a cab
  • Lastly, state that the cab is now at your doorstep

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As we know how the famous saying goes, “First impression is the last impression” – in this case your app’s preview is the first impression that you create of your app in the user’s mind. Ultimately the aim is to make sure that the first impression becomes a conversion from a customer to a user.

​Creating a Storyline in an App Preview

Let’s take a look at the steps that you can follow to tell your app’s story:

Step 1: Highlighting the Core Functionality

The uniqueness of your app should be showcased while making your app preview. Then, we need to make value props based on their critical importance, their level of engagement and how easy they are to understand visually. For instance, Uber app features which should be included in the app preview are:

  • Setting your location
  • Map
  • Duration for the cab to reach the destination
  • Price for the journey
  • Book function

Remember, you do not need to over complicate or try and show all the features in the app preview – you can definitely leave out the non-pleasing visual aspects.

Step 2: Create a Story

You can use screenshots to convey the story to the user but ensure that is placed in a cohesive manner so that the storyline shown is tight. When mapping out the concepts, keep it simple – use post its, charts, etc. to pan out the entire plan before creating the story. A storyboard that consists of different columns for audio, images, text, etc. should be created. If you think that you don’t have time to show the entire story, then you can always go back to it and try to shorten a few parts, see if you can combine them or omit them entirely.
“You can create a second or third preview to highlight additional features or specific content that users might not know about. When you have multiple previews, make sure that each video shows users something new about your app.”
Reference Link: https://developer.apple.com/app-store/app-previews/

Step 3: Work on the Preview Visual

In this step, you need to bring out the design, animation and graphics to visualize the story that you have written. It is recommended that you use the visuals in the app while making the preview, so that the customers are not misled or disappointed when they download your app for use. The visuals should be stunning, clean and easy to understand for the users. For example, instead of just showing a man/woman sitting in a cab, show how he/she needs to actually book it. 
Use text to reinforce the point. Show easy touch buttons and visuals of someone easily navigating from one section or another. Show how easily menus open when summoned and swiftly move out of the way when done.
Another way to convey the essence of the app is choosing the correct poster frame, also known as a thumbnail. So, if the default frame from your footage doesn’t convey the right message, then you can select a different poster frame.
Also, consider overlying the musical score of your app as the soundtrack of your app preview to establish continuity even when one scene cuts to the next. In this manner, you will be able to capture the sound effect of your UI  in the app preview footage to reinforce functionality in your app.

Step 4: Take Tips from the Connoisseurs in the Market

As the saying goes, “Imitation is the best form of flattery” – similarly, check app previews that have taken the market by storm is a good way to understand if your app preview is well aligned and crafted.
We recommend that you make your notes and a sample AV script before you take a look at these app previews. Don’t try and look at many apps, just check the top 10 and note down pointers that you like in each app preview. Incorporate these points while finalizing and summarizing your app preview script. Spend some time viewing best app previews such as Calm and Waze to see how you can make your script and visuals even more precise, edit them better, craft your story better and overall, learn and adapt.
Reference Links: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/calm-com/id571800810

Step 5: Set Realistic Expectations

Being honest about what your app offers is the most important factor while creating an app preview. It is just like a trailer to the movie. Don’t over promise and under deliver – this will lead to disappointments, the users installing your app but deleting it in 30 seconds, and bad reviews online.

Wrapping It Up

Creating an app preview is pressurizing for most, but if done right it can be a lottery that drives you to the bank. With hundreds of apps being developed every week, it is challenging for your app to outshine and convince users to download it. Show off the attractive features of your app and highlight the ones that are unique and exciting. If you have got the user’s attention with the app preview in 30 seconds, then there is a high likelihood that the user might install it.
If you wish to build an app preview and don’t know where to start, you can contact the App Scoop Vancouver Mobile App Development Team: https://www.app-scoop.com/contact-us.html

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