A picture speaks volumes, right? But a video showcases real emotions which are worth thousands of pictures or maybe even more. Not that we are taking away the hard work put in by the artists. But guess what, in today’s world, where people have the urge to get things done instantly, they need something that grabs their attention quickly or rather easily. Well, why wouldn’t some moving images on your mobile screen heighten your curiosity? We say mobile and not desktop because according to a study, a user spends about 71 percent of screen time on their mobile and more than 90 percent of that mobile time is spent on using the apps. 
It is a fact that videos are attractive, shareable, versatile, prompt, personal and a lot many things. 

So much so that, as per Diode Digital, online videos are a 600 percent more effective marketing tool than print or any other medium. Around 80 million people in the US watches online videos daily. And videos that are more than two minutes long get the most engagement. There are a staggering 31 million YouTube channels and around 2.3 billion users, making this online video platform the second most visited site in the world after Google. With that 79 percent of Internet users have their own YouTube account. According to HubSpot, 70 percent of businesses feel that their sales figures have increased by incorporating video content. And when 87 percent of people are relying more on videos to make buying decisions, businesses need to strive hard to meet their demands, which means this medium has a lot in the offing. 

Sure, all these stats are overwhelming, and if we put that data in simple words, it means – videos are important! And if you are thinking of incorporating videos to grow your business or make use of a video recording app to reach a wider audience or waiting to avail editing apps to create viral videos – if so, then the time is now! In this article we will understand the importance of video recording and editing apps, how does your business with that, key aspects to consider while building such apps, and more. 

Why video recording and editing apps are dominating the business arena 

Videos play a great role in taking your business to the next level. It elevates the importance of your product and makes it reach your target audience more efficiently.

Importance of video recording or screen recording tools:

  • Makes a video to reach a broader range of audiences.
  • Helps you capture and make memories.
  • Stores the data forever. 
  • Amplifies your business. 
  • Through video calls, you can connect with your customers.
  • Helps you create interactive products.
  • Increases traffic to your website. 

Importance of video editing helps you:

  • Ensures that your ideas are interactively presented to your viewers.
  • Blends motion pictures with sounds and music. 
  • Helps you emotionally connect with the audience. 
  • Glamorizes the video content by making it appealing.
  • Add text and subtitles.

Key aspects to consider while creating a video recording or editing app

  • App idea

It’s rightly said, an idea can change your life. At the ideation stage, be very careful as that will lay the foundation of the app. Do thorough research, analyze the market and understand the different apps on the store. And as per competitive analysis establish the goals of your app. 

  •  Target audience 

Figuring out who your target audience is one of the first steps. Understand what they are looking for. For instance, owing to the current pandemic situation, a lot of people prefer taking online consultations for non-emergency medical conditions. Providing them with a video calling or recording app to connect with the concerned doctor will benefit one and all. Just so you know, the online video feature in the health and wellness sector is doing wonders. 

  • App features and tools

The ground rules for both the video recording and editing are mostly the same. The features and tools should be user-friendly. Initially, you can provide the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) version, and when the user gets accustomed to your app, you can update your app with more features and tools. Work on the customer feedback to enhance your app’s tools and features. When it comes to editing apps, keep an eye on the latest trends that have gripped the leading social media portals. Accordingly, instill features that will enhance the quality of the videos. 

  • Create a pathway

Around 73 percent of your consumer will edit the video on your app to share it on other platforms. To cater to such an audience, creating a pathway that enables them to share the videos directly on the favoured portals will be beneficial for all. Hence, social media integration is a must. The top three apps where the video is shared are YouTube, Instagram, and Tik-Tok. 

  • The ‘how to’ video 

Video editing and recording apps are fairly easy to use. Nonetheless, providing them with a guided video on how to use the app will not make things easy for the consumer but it will also exude that you care about them. 

  • Think out of the box

There are thousands of video editing and recording apps in the stores. There must be a USP that will make your app stand out from the crowd. Make sure to add all the basic features and tools but adding a few elements that will enhance the consumers’ experience will make your app an instant hit.

  •  Generating revenue 

Despite the popularity of video editing and recording, most apps are free to download. Let’s face it, we are in this to make money. So, how can we generate revenue when apps are free to download. Basic features should be accessible, but these days people believe in accentuating the quality of theirs video to the next level. That is when in-app purchases come into the picture. Video ads are the most popular mobile app monetization model. 

  • Customer service 

We are in this for the long run. Consumers respond well when their feedbacks are taken to heart. Provide the best customer service in case of any malfunction or other issues. The relationship between the app and the customer is of utmost importance. 

  • And much more

Consumers love it when the app provides them with something extra. Additional features like real-time reports and analytics, integrate payment gateway, use of AI technology and others will put your app at the forefront.
Implementation of video recording and editing apps 

As per the survey, the number of businesses using videos as a marketing tool has increased to 41 percent since 2016. And as videos have gained a lot of importance recently, the demand has increased as well. Around 54 percent of consumers want more video content. Here are the two sectors in which using video recording and editing apps have become customary. 

The onset of COVID-19 has changed the face of all the sectors, particularly the education industry. Online education and courses are the only ways through which students and other individuals can quench their thirst for knowledge. Professors can use video recording apps to record the lectures and personalized tutorials. The number of videos may vary depending on the subjects. 
Online courses have been there for ages. But due to COVID, this sector is booming as well. The global e-learning market is expected to reach $ 336.98 billion by 2026. The format of an online course is mainly made of theory in form of text, but most of the courses prefer recording the tutorials or lectures as the impact amplifies. Educational videos are powerful and easy to access. It has become an inseparable part of our lives. 
DemoCreator, which is available on the Play Store, has over 100 million downloads and is one of the famous apps to record educational videos. It also comes with a video editor function with education-related templates.
Social Media 

More than one billion people use Instagram every month. And Instagram videos get over two times more engagement than Instagram photos. To add to that, around 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Most creators use mobile to record their videos. And an equal number of creators use mobile apps to edit their videos. Giving you more and enough reasons to tap on this segment. 
Staying up-to-date and keeping a track of the updates made by these social media apps will give you a chance to up your game. For instance, Instagram recently added the Reels (a fun way to create videos) feature. This means video content is booming. Owing to the pandemic and lockdown situation, as most of the people are home, they get enough time to scroll to their phones. People binge-watch content, chiefly videos. And to address the needs of such a large audience, approximately 71 percent of marketers are looking to up their investment in video. The Patriots, an American football team, have openly claimed they have the highest engagement with their Reels. Per Reel, they saw an average of 121,800 engagements, compared to 21,600 engagements per video. Android apps like Viva Video and KineMaster are widely used to edit Reels. While iPhone users prefer using iMovie to record and edit their videos. 
The future is here!

A recent survey says that by 2022, the market for online videos will reach up to 82 percent. And the traffic will be 15 percent higher than in 2017. In the future of videos, real-time editing is also a key part. And the advent of AI and ML will surely revolutionize this space. Stay at par with this trend. Have an idea for a video recording and editing app? Let us design it for you. Our smart and diligent team will do the rest! 
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