​The market is constantly churning out new mobile applications each day. With the ever-increasing demand of mobile applications, companies are trying to build mobile apps that are engaging, effective and that can transform their business. They want their next app to take the market by storm! However, there are times when the app curated in the mind cannot be developed by an in-house team – they require experts! Hence, many companies outsource their mobile app development rather than dumping it on their internal team. This not only saves time and money, but also ensures that the app is bought to life by experts, rather than a team that would work on a trial and error basis. 
Outsourcing mobile apps most times is a good idea except in certain scenarios. Let’s take a look at 5 mistakes companies make while outsourcing mobile app development.

Mistake 1: Background Search of the Outsource Company
In a hurry to develop the app and outsource it, sometimes the company does not conduct a thorough background search. While researching the outsource company, one must gather the following data:

  • Is the company recommended? Are there enough positive and credible reviews online?
  • How many and which apps has the company created? What is their app portfolio?
  • What are the qualifications of the team?
If you are unsatisfied with any of the information provided, the safest thing to do is move on to another company with more credible sources.

Mistake 2: Unclear Idea for the App
Just thinking about an app doesn’t make the app successful. An idea is just the first step towards creating a mobile app. Once the idea is created, it is necessary to refine, fine tune and note down all the important features of the app. Although, there are some companies that do not freeze the base concept of the app before outsourcing it to another company. This leads to an app that doesn’t meet its true potential.
It is important to make a layout, define the purpose of the app, make a timeline and budget the app. Once these details are finalized, it can be outsourced to another company. Post which there needs to be a round to clear doubts and communicate with the third-party app developers.

Mistake 3: Rushed Timeline
Rushing through an app will not do good to anyone. If the app is complicated, then developers need to have an appropriate timeframe. Some companies believe that just because they are outsourcing mobile app development to a third party that they are supposed to deliver the app sooner than their internal team.
It is always safer to go with experienced developers who might take some time but who would deliver an app that has lesser bugs and issues – who ensure that the end product is worth the wait.

Mistake 4: Cost Over Quality
In this competitive world, remember that there are several developers in the market that are willing to develop apps at a cheap rate. But obviously only developers that are out of work or have just entered the market are willing to work for less money. Most companies do not understand that the outcome of this could be dreadful.
It is always suggested that the companies must choose between the top 3 mobile app developers rather than looking for cheap or discounted offers. Comparing detailed breakdown of estimates from several developers will be very insightful once you look at budget components, such as planned hours, pricing for individual features, and so forth. You can then easily spot that one of the developers simply isn’t accounting for a lot of the details that others are budgeting for and those costs or delays will probably come up later in the project.

Mistake 5:  Shoddy Project Management
Even though you have outsourced the app, the company needs to appoint an internal project manager to take account of the development of the app on a daily basis. After each milestone, the project manager should test the product and ensure that the standards are being met. Check if your development partner would be open to providing you access so that you don’t limit your interaction to just emails and phone calls.

To Conclude

Hence while outsourcing a mobile app, ensure that you’ve done enough research on the app that you wish to create and the company that you are outsourcing the app to. Do not fall under the trap of discounted prices and quick deliveries. Make sure that you go through enough companies before choosing one. Like any technical project, a mobile app has a lot of moving parts. You will still need to invest in project management time when outsourcing app development.
The advantage of outsourcing the app development work is that it gets you immediate access to a well-trained team and with the right partner, a high-quality outcome along with insights from external expertise. If you wish to outsource your mobile app development, you can contact the App Scoop mobile app developers and the app development team: https://www.app-scoop.com/contact-us.html
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