Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that has currently swept the technical market. It has gained its popularity through the innovation of Bitcoin crypto-currency and now every tech ninja wants to slide foot in this business and create startups. Although, it’s hard to crack the market, a Blockchain based organization now needs a remarkable showcasing procedure as much as a product that compels the audience. Startups need to promote their product aggressively, mainly through social media marketing strategies.
Let’s take a look at 11 marketing tips to jumpstart business for Blockchain startups:
Highlight the Solution

The most important aspect of your Blockchain project should be that it solves a problem in people’s life. There are several apps and projects that are rolling out in the market but most of them do not have an actual problem that they solve. Hence, it is important that you determine the pain point of the solution that you are offering through your Blockchain project. You can use OPEN Platform and SuchApp to view the needs of the masses rather than just targeting the Blockchain community.

​Determine a Budget
Once you’ve determined the solution and jotted down the project details, the next step is to fix a budget for marketing purposes. Calculating the return for your advertising campaign will help you determine the channels that you need to take to market your Blockchain project. Ideally, one of the most effective marketing strategies is to market through social media (reaches a large part of your audience). Also, it requires less investment upfront and is also less costly. Also, one must not forget that the advertising strategy should give you a good ROI in the long run.

Initial Coin Offering is not Mandatory for Success

Initial Coin Offering, also known as ICO, is generally a marketing strategy that is adopted by Blockchain apps to attract the initial lot of customers and get hooked on to the app. On the other hand, ICOs require heavy investment (which means a cut in profits initially) with no guarantee that the project is going to succeed. For instance, Dogecoin never offered ICO but capitalised on a trend and achieved great success and built its own following instead. Hence, ICO isn’t the only way to promote your blockchain startup. 

Update Website Content

In today’s time an online presence is very important for any project that you plan to undertake. A website about your Blockchain project is mandatory. The content on the website needs to be revised regularly with updates. Maintaining a blog on your website will keep it Live and ensure that your audience keeps coming back to the website and at the same time updated about your venture. Making an FAQ page will help the audience to understand your project better and discover basic information effortlessly.

Email Marketing Campaign

Emailing is still an effective and authentic way to reach your customer base. Email marketing campaigns connects you with people who are interested in your project. This kind of communication also helps build trust and loyalty with your key audience. Mailing lists are one of the best marketing tactics in the digital world.

Use Social Media

Social media sites are less costly, as well as they reach out to your target audience. Social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn ensure good visibility on your Blockchain project.
Twitter targets both B2B and the B2C market. If you tweets capture the attention of the audience, it could be re-tweeted many times which means that more people will get to know about it and you will also be aware of your social presence.
Instagram can also help you gain reputation on a B2C level by attracting an extensive gathering of people. The main components are keeping your audience engaged and updating the account consistently with new posts.
LinkedIn is professional networking site which can help you attract your core investors and also get other Blockchain companies updated on your project’s progress.
Check your social media platform frequently, intermittently checking it for the duration of the day. Moreover, update more posts towards the start of the day, fluctuating between various messages you are attempting to test with your audience. Another good practice to start is commenting on the follower’s posts, and taking part in discussions.

Build Online Communities

Bitcoin fans are passionate about online discussions. Construct online groups and advance your startup by engaging Blockchain experts.
Bitcoin Talk helps you discover everything about the Blockchain and other existing cryptocurrencies.
Reddit consists of a wide range of themes including Blockchain startups.
Quora is an excellent Q&A page that gives you a platform to improve your campaign.

Conduct Bounty Campaigns and Give Rewards

Bounty campaign is “when you do little tasks for the company and instead of getting Fiat, money like Euro or Dollar, you get stakes. Those stakes will transform into X Tokens which when the ICO starts can be traded for Fiat.” At the end of a bounty campaign, the supporters are rewarded with airdropped tokens. These campaigns are perfect to promote your project as they get you the business and new members and also help you understand the demographics of your audience.

Paid Advertising

Apart from conducting bounty campaigns, one can also turn to paid advertising as a marketing strategy to attract more customers. You can publicize the project that you are going to conduct as well as the approach towards it by consulting with financial specialists. Many potential investors and individuals check important distributions such as Coin Telegraph, Coin Desk and Trading View to investigate Blockchain advancements. This kind of paid advertising can help boost the project.

Press Releases

It is of utmost importance to appoint a PR team for your Blockchain project. The PR team helps with press releases which are essential for building your core followers. Press releases also attract potential investors and determine the value of your project. A good press release about your Blockchain project will definitely leave a lasting impression on your target audience, thus making them more interested about your project.

Refreshing the Minds of your Audience

In the ever changing app world and crypto space, it is most likely that your customer will forget about your project. There are many investors in the market waiting for the next Bitcoin to hit the market and take it by storm. Hence, in order to keep your audience updated, it is important that you retarget them by updating your social media or by sending them e-mailers on the newest fad in the market.
Remind them about the services that you are willing to offer and the benefits that they will get for supporting your Blockchain project. Getting this kind of support in the initial stages of your app indicate the success it will get in the near future.


A Blockchain startup is a venture that requires a product that solves a problem, has strong advertising techniques and a good competitive edge compared to other organizations. These 11 marketing tips can help you excel your Blockchain project in the early stages and receive the recognition it deserves, thus awarding your investment and hard work.  

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