Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.

– George Bernard Shaw,

The first step towards self-improvement is accepting that you don’t know everything, this will happen only if you have an open mind. To be the best version of yourself, there must be an earnest urge for self-improvement or development. Just lying on the couch and hoping for things to fall into place is utter rubbish and surely a waste of time. Well, you can do that at times like sit on the couch and Netflix and chill, only when your life is on track. Here are a few of the ways for self-improvement.

• Define your purpose and set goals.

• Plot a plan to achieve it.

• Make up your mind to never give up.

• Learn new skills.

• Read a lot.

• Take necessary breaks.

• Evaluate your journey and work on your shortcomings.

• Never lose hope.

• Eat healthy and lead a healthy life.

• Be active.

Above are a few ways that can help you on your path towards self-improvement. You don’t have to do this alone; you will need a light that will show you the right direction. But let’s not forget that we live in the age of technology, and we have thousands of apps to guide us in this journey, apart from your loved ones. Here are 11 self-development apps we love.

1. Remente

One of the biggest aspects of personal development is mental well-being and self-care. Remente is a mental wellness platform for individuals and businesses and tops our self-improvement apps list. One of the reviews read, “This app is great for mental, and somewhat physical groups! you can set a goal and click it and it will mark how many times you’ve done it, and in a few weeks, if you want, you can really go back, and reflect to see your process and if you are lazy or not. I just started yesterday, but I already know I am lazy, so I need a change that. but overall, love the app, but there are some features that you require premium or this thingy you need pay for, or maybe I’m thinking of this other one I don’t know”

Key features

• Holistic app

• Offers in-app guidance.

• Mood tracker.

• Mindful app.

• Manages stress and sleep.

• Improves productivity.

• Maintains motivation.

2. SimpleMind

The next app on our ‘Best apps for self-improvement’ list is SimpleMind. When your mind is free and open, the flow of your thoughts is effortless. This will help you achieve your goals with clarity. SimpleMind allows you to organize your thoughts and generate new ideas. One of the reviews read, “One’s method of thinking and approach to solving a problem or creating aspects of a procedure or project defines which app is suitable for them. Among several mind-mapping apps I use, Simple Mind is my favourite and I use it more often. Easy to learn, intuitive UI, has all the necessary tools, no elaborated features, tools, and menus, allowing the user to focus on the project without distraction over fancy features and of course graciously without ads. Mozart: genius is in simplicity.”


Key features

• Easy to use.

• Great for brainstorming.

• Auto layouts.

• Blocks out distractions with autofocus.

• Intuitive app.

3. Happiful

Happiful is a well-known Life-changing app. These days mental health and happiness have been a top priority for all. And Happiful is on the same mission and to support people who wish to take their well-being to the next level. This app was started in 2005. This app hopes to guide people, and given them access to wellness support, at their fingertips.

Key features

• Professional online support.

• Experts include counsellors, hypnotherapists, coaches, nutritionists, and holistic therapists.

• Happiful Magazine keeps the readers on their toes.

4. Social Fever App Usage Tracker

Excessive phone usage reduces productivity and adds to stress which in turn leads to anxiety and depression. Hence it is essential to monitor your phone usage. Social Fever App Usage Tracker, in short, helps you get over your smartphone addiction. It is one of the best productivity apps for self-improvement.

Key features

• Digital Detox

• Helps you find your phone-life balance.

• Controls distractions.

• Helps to focus.

• Let’s you connect with your hobbies

• Tracks water intake.

• Allows real-time app usage.

5. Zen

When it comes to well-being a lot of things should be considered. Especially sleep, stress, anxiety, and others. Zen, one of the mindfulness apps for a better life, helps you live a happier and healthier life.

Key features

• Guided mediation for relaxation.

• Deep sleep.

• Mood improvement.

• Anxiety relief.

• Stress reduction.

• Focus on work.

• Cool-toned welcome screen.

6. MyFitnessPal

To boost your well-being and overall development, food acts as a catalyst. Nutrition is the key. Food for mind and soul will lead you on the path of happiness and healthy life. In short, good health starts with what you eat. MyFitnessPal lets you let you eat mindfully. Traks your meals, learns about your habits, and leads you towards your goal.

Key features

• Provides healthy recipes.

• Let you connect with over 50 apps.

• Learn. Track. Improve.

• Motivates you.

7. Babbel

Self-development is a process, it does not happen overnight, Hence, every day you must work to refine your existing skills and to move forward you ought to add new tools to your repertoire. Learning a new language will surely broaden your horizons and open new doors of opportunities future helping you in your self-development process. Babbel lets you lead new languages with ease.


Key features

• Great UI.

• Wide range of languages.

• Cost-effective.

• Amazing Visualization.

8. LinkedIn

When you meet new people, learn from them, network, professionally, and share ideas, it automatically builds your career and aids in your self-development process. LinkedIn is one such life-changing app that lets you connect with world professionals to be more productive and successful.

Key features

• Brings out your creative side

• Helps in networking by making new contacts

• Let’s you stay updated on the professional front.

• Improves your skills.

9. Skillshare

Learning is a never-ending process. And if you want to stay relevant in your development process you’ve to keep learning. Skillshare, a personal-development app, is an online learning community with educational videos on creative arts, design, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, and technology.

Key features

• Personalized classes.

• Thousands of classes.

• Online community.

• Anytime, anywhere.

• Empowers the users.

10. ThinkUp – Daily Affirmations

Daily assertions for something that you want can be accomplished by daily affirmation. ThinkUp – Daily Affirmations empowers users with affirmations and provides a program for self-development. One of the reviews read, “I do recommend and use it! I immediately grab the premium version. Thank you for making this app available. Please add more affirmation in the browse section.”

Key features

• Smooth functionality.

• Increased scalability.

• Personalized affirmations.

11. Strides

It is very easy to set goals but very difficult to keep up with them. But thankfully we have Strides to track your goals. With that, you can even track your good or bad habits and smart goals. One of the reviews read, “A seriously powerful app. I started using this app only 5 days ago, but it’s already making huge differences in my life. I feel that, because of this app, I can really start achieving the goals I’ve been wanting to achieve. This might sound gross, but I’ve always struggled to make sure to brush and floss my teeth twice a day. Since using this app, I haven’t missed it once.”

Key features

• User-friendly.

• Most comprehensive.

• Beautifully designed goal-tracking app

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