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User friendly mobile app for social media management of local businesses


SocialOwl is a US based Social Media Marketing Business company. The company provides a suite of social media services such as Social Media Marketing, Reputation Monitor, Social Shopping Carts, Sweepstakes, deals and analytics to local businesses. SocialOwl has a web application customized with the above services. With the fast-growing demand from businesses to access data anywhere, anytime on the go, SocialOwl decided to have a mobile application with all the key services. App-Scoop came into picture to help SocialOwl with a customized social media mobile app, which will be handy and easy to use for its clients.


App-Scoop had a brainstorming session with SocialOwl to understand their requirements and come up with a customized design that will incorporate all the features as available in the web application. The app is designed with a versatile nature that any Licensee user (SocialOwl’s clients) can install the app, set up their account and use it to manage their business.

Once the licensee sets up the account and login, he/she can see the list of businesses created under that account as a drop-down menu and select one of those. He/she can then manage their day-to-day social media postings, create RSS feeds, edit and save posts, schedule posts in advance, access pictures from their phone gallery, browse images and videos from app gallery, share/ publish posts across different social platforms at once, view upcoming scheduled posts in the calendar and perform many other actions. Users can perform almost every action as available in their web application.

With the help of mobile application, users can monitor social performance of a business on the go, watch out for trending topics and news, receive instant alert notifications when someone comments or reviews their business online, take actions in real-time and have a competitive edge over other players in the market. App-Scoop developed the app to be compatible and user friendly for both Android and iOS users. Easy navigation and simple UI makes it hassle-free and quick for users to perform their day-to-day social media marketing tasks.

TEch Stack

This application has been developed for Android (phones and tablets) and iOS (iPhone and iPads) by using Flutter technology. 

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