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Executive Summary

For the past 15 years, Cambian, a Vancouver-based organization, has been actively providing information services through different healthcare app. Thereby, they enable collaboration between individuals, families, care providers, researchers, and others in the healthcare ecosystem . 

Cambian helps healthcare organizations in leveraging information technology to manage medical records, streamline workflows, and deliver services. Their solution allows the research health organizations in executing innovative research projects and offering recommendations based on analysis. 

It also provides Infrastructure to Support Quality Improvement and Insights to the health authorities and government health ministries. 

Cambian applications provide self-management and better coordination of care. Its vision and passion for a healthcare system focus on individuals and their families to have improved healthcare.


Cambian provides a cloud-based platform that enables individuals to capture and use their health and wellness data and securely share it with their families and care providers. 

A wide variety of consumer health monitors are now available to track blood pressure, heart rate, weight, and other biometric data. The health monitors help consumers to compare their health conditions with others by analyzing their data and various lifestyle choices and treatments, and keeping track of how these change over time. 

Cambian had a ‘Hercules’ task to automate the existing process of manual data (health data) entered from various devices. The aim was to use an automation tool to capture and transfer the data to enable routine usage by consumers. 

Automating the connection and transferring the data would enable individuals to share their data with caregivers instantaneously. It will also improve the quality-of-service delivered by health service organizations. In addition to this, health systems can plan and allocate limited resources appropriately to achieve best possible outcomes.


Cambian team needed an iOS and android based mobile application, i.e., “Cambian Connect,” which transfers the biometric data from consumer blood pressure monitors conveniently to the Cambian platform while ensuring private and secure data handling. 

The App-Scoop team worked jointly with the Cambian team to understand their needs for the application and impact on the top line and revenues. 

The solution for the Mobile application allows the device to capture data from the blood pressure monitors and pair the devices. The data captured is then transferred to the individual’s device and then to the Cambian website/server. 

With this solution, an individual can view and share his health data with caregivers or health organizations instantly , which in turn, enables care provider to attend to any alerts or abnormal signs immediately. 

As a result, the users can expect better care while living comfortably at home.


The Cambian Connect mobile application is for the general public with a Cambian Navigator account supporting standard blood pressure monitors and sharing standard blood pressure reports with their care providers. 

Individuals can pair and connect their mobile devices (e.g., phone or Ipad/ Tablet) to a new blood pressure monitor. Once the devices are paired, the individual can transfer the data to the application with a single click. The application then allows the data to be sent automatically to the user’s Cambian Navigator account (web application). FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) and HIPAA (Administrative Simplification of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) protocols are followed while transferring the data from mobile application to web application. 

The application shows the heart rate along with the blood pressure reading and a date-time stamp. The individual can do the time settings in the application as per their requirement. They can decide what time to show for the blood pressure measurements, i.e., Mobile/ Tablet, Health monitor, or Auto time and configure the settings accordingly.

Users can also choose to transfer all the data or only the latest entries from the health monitor. 

The application has a user-friendly UI/UX interface with highly effective troubleshooting support system. If there is any interruption during data transfer, the application will automatically troubleshoot the issue and ensure that the data is safely and securely backed up.

TEch Stack

Technology – Flutter

Supported platform – Android and iOS 

Back end – Java with Spring Boot

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