Tech-enabled care agency platform

Executive Summary

MyCareBase enables care agencies to elevate their performance and management of clients through their dynamic web application. Care agency managers and their caretakers access the platform and its associated healthcare app to maintain client schedules, log care tasks, and get up-to-date information about anything related to the well-being of clients.

Families of clients are able to quickly access care records, logs, and updates about their loved ones from any internet enabled device. Any and all concerns or alerts are streamlined across all caregiving stakeholders and comments are shared and viewed in a simple fashion. Reports are also visible by family members and care managers to get in-depth analysis of how each client and caregiver is doing and to track and observe trends over time.


Caretaking as an industry is relatively untouched by the latest mobile technologies, so many agencies rely on paper systems for their client records and operations. MyCareBase wants to address this opportunity by digitally enabling their company and clients to move improve their workflows. 

Opportunities also exist to enhance the caregiving industry by leveraging the massive amounts of data to generate meaningful reports and charts. A new platform could also simplify communication and record keeping to be included in an all-in-one solution for all things caregiving related for employees or families alike.


The App-Scoop team created a simple and clean web application that follows best practices for user experience in the healthcare industry for MyCareBase, simplifying record keeping and reviewing, schedule management, and clear communication across all those involved. 

Care agencies are able to streamline information about clients medical history, recommended activities, and visit updates to family members and other relevant parties through any type of browser. Information abides by HIPPA regulations and is encrypted to ensure maximum privacy for all involved.


The MyCareBase web application allows caretakers to view their scheduled visits, review their client conditions and tasks, and access notes created by other caretakers, care managers, or family members. Caretakers can then check off tasks as they complete them, add photos of their visits, and write summaries for the day in a simple manner. 

All records for each client is secured in accordance to HIPPA standards to ensure all information is dealt with the greatest level of privacy, but this information is easily accessible by the relevant users of the app such as family members or managers. The reports generated from these records are robust in explaining the trends or learnings from caregiver visits and provide managers and family members with takeaways that are unrivaled by paper systems.

TEch Stack

Web Development 

  • Framework/ Technology – React, JavaScript, JQuery 
  • IDE/ Toolset – Visual Studio
  • Framework/ Technology – Java, Spring Boot, Hibernate
  • Database – MySQL
  • IDE/ Toolset – IntelliJ
  • Deployment – AWS

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