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Executive Summary

Cambian is a Vancouver-based Healthtech organization and for the past 15 years, they have been investing in technologies for integration, scheduling, assessments and other foundational components. Cambian provides a tool that helps in allocating resources, booking appointments, managing waitlists for healthcare service delivery organizations. This tool streamlines the workflow and saves time. It is available on a subscription basis to care providers, administrators, and researchers. Cambian wanted to upgrade this solution with a booking widget feasibility of integrating the tool with third-party websites for booking and managing appointments. 

To help the team with this requirement, App-Scoop came into the picture and created a web integration technology called Booking Widget. The team can integrate the Booking widgets on any other website.


To meet the needs of large and small organizations, Cambian has ‘Cambian Scheduler’, which is a flexible, intuitive and easy-to-use healthcare service scheduling application.

The challenge and an essential requirement for the platform was to integrate it with third-party websites for appointment booking, questionnaire completion, and registration.

Also, with COVID-19, the healthcare organizations required a booking system to schedule patients for testing or immunization services with comfortable buffer times in-between the appointments. 

These criteria necessitated an application with web integration technology. The Cambian team also wanted the application to be compliant and adhering to healthcare standards and compatible with different consumer platforms and website interfaces.


Cambian Scheduler is the current product that the organization is using for scheduling appointments. Considering all the additional requirements, App-Scoop came up with a new imminent opportunity to increase the need for Scheduler and demand for self-service booking and coordination related to influenza (flu) vaccination and general testing. 

The web application also had to have time slots with sufficient buffer in order to cater to new COVID-19 protocols. 

After studying the various consumer platforms and discussing the needs with Cambian, App-Scoop team created a modern and user-friendly web application with integration technology that integrated on any web application using a code snippet. Individuals can use this application for booking, cancelling, and managing appointments online for single visitors or groups.

Online booking and coordination services have always offered the potential for cost savings and enhanced experience. Booking Widget helps minimize no-shows, reduce double bookings, gather required information electronically at the time of booking itself. This in turn helps front-desk team in saving enormous amount of time and reduces manual efforts and paperwork. It also helps the management team to proactively align demand forecasts with resource availability, thereby ensuring public safety during the pandemic.


The Booking Widget is a web-integrated technology, which can be created on an application called Widget Configurator and embedded through a code-snippet on any other website. 

Health organizations can create a Booking widget and set the fields according to their organization’s needs. They can describe the organization, location and respective services offered by them. 

After completing the widget configuration, the embedded widget appears within the website and supports secure transfer of data needed for appointment booking. 

Individuals can book single appointments or come as a group with family members for their appointments. Individuals can book an appointment time on the healthcare organization website where the widget has been embedded and they will receive a confirmation receipt through email, which they can either print or keep on their smartphones. 

Once they arrive at the clinic site, they can show their ticket to the admitting staff and enter the clinic as per scheduled time. 

Individuals can also retain copies of any information they provide and manage their appointments using their Cambian Navigator account. Instead of providing information about themselves during the booking process, individuals can just provide their Cambian credentials, and the system automatically associates the booking with their account information.

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