Blockchain enabled certification authentication

Executive Summary

ChainCerts is a certification authentication platform backed by the power of blockchain technology that allows for streamlined and secure processing and management of professional certificates. Digital records are registered on a blockchain, cryptographically signed in a secure yet distributable manner. 


Validating certifications of individuals can be a tedious and time-consuming task that has yet to be digitally enabled by modern technology.​Given the secure and connected nature of blockchain technology, we at App-Scoop identified an opportunity to innovate in a manner that leverages the latest technologies to authenticate and share professional certifications.


ChainCerts began with an entirely custom design for a highly interactive and intuitive website to connect with users. This site is built upon HyperLedger and the React framework.

Build your own certificate types

Build your own certificate type of each line of business or product. These types are unique to your organization and allow you to create certificates of multiple types. Chaincerts platform does not limit you with out of box fixed certificate types. 

The platform allows for the cryptographic storage and validation of professional credentials for sharing. This secure method of storing and sharing credentials removes any uncertainty and fraud, which has become exceedingly common in the tech-enabled world.


The ChainCerts web platform allows your organization to create your own authentic certificates. It leverages blockchain technology to save the certificate data on a distributed ledger and uses cryptographic seals to record the transactions on the certificate.

​It helps your organization to establish strong trust with the third parties, build a strong brand, and protects against the authenticity crime & fraud. Never question the legitimacy of credentials again with the powerful and secure ChainCerts platform.

TEch Stack

Web Development Framework/Technology – React, Java Script, JQuery


  • Framework/Technology – Blockchain HyperLedger 
  • Database – Mongo DB
  • Deployment – AWS 

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