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Executive Summary

In App Dynamics is a white-label platform that allows its users the opportunity to order products, track their status, and receive loyalty points for their favorite local businesses. The application is fully customizable for the needs of each business and includes a robust set of features to ensure customers derive the most value from a given app. 

From restaurants and spas to groceries or retail, the In App Dynamics platform makes connecting businesses and their customers seamless and efficient in a digital platform. Integrations of all types make the In App Dynamics platform the optimal choice for any business looking to engage their customers in a tech-enabled manner.


Businesses focus on their core competencies to maintain and develop their company. In this digital age, consumers desire the ability to leverage technology to stay connected with any and all aspects of their life, including the places they spend their money. 

Businesses may not specialize in creating mobile applications to remain engaged with customers, but there is an opportunity for an all-in-one solution to be developed for these businesses to build on templates to create their own custom applications to fit their needs. These applications could allow for any business to sell products, offer loyalty rewards and coupons, track orders and deliveries, share product reviews, and more.


In creating a custom ordering platform, we provide users with the ease and simplicity of an all-in-one ordering solution. Incorporating industry research and learnings, a modern and friendly UX that allow for increased functionality and usability for all users was created. 

The In App Dynamics platform streamlines ordering of items of all types, the accumulation of loyalty points, and management of payments and resolutions, and more in their provision of custom business applications. These applications can be altered to fit the specific needs of any business to increase efficiency, retention, and engagement at all levels.


With ease of integration at the core of their focus, In App Dynamics provide solutions for businesses of all types to connect and engage with their clientele. It allows end users to order products from local businesses, make payments, check order status, and view historic orders all in an intuitive manner. Businesses are sorted through a variety of filters, and each individual business can customize what products are listed as well as the description and price associated with each one. 

In App Dynamics as a robust templating application that supports a wide range of features, including but limited to: scan & pay, social media enablement, multi-language support, loyalty reward programming, GPS location tracking, push and proximity marketing, POS services, product reviews, and digital coupons. Business owners can customize their applications to include the above features to fit their needs with this white-label platform with ease and exceptional support. Additionally, the user can update their account profile, address, and billing information all within the application.

TEch Stack

iOS App

  • Programming language – Swift
  • SDK – iOS SDK
  • IDE/ Toolset – XCode
  • Unit Testing –  XCTest
  • CI/CD – Jenkins

Android App

  • Programming language – Java
  • SDK – Android SDK
  • IDE/ Toolset – Android Studio 
  • CI/CD – Jenkins
  • Framework/ Technology – Java, Spring Boot
  • Database – MySQL
  • IDE/ Toolset – IntelliJ
  • CI/CD – Jenkins
  • Deployment – AWS
Web Development
  • Framework/ Technology – React, Javascript, JQuery

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