Micro- contracting enablement

Executive Summary

Taskbee is a startup to facilitate micro-contracting. The micro-contracting application aims to reduce the friction between people who are looking for their work to be done (Posters) and people who are looking to work on small tasks to earn some money (Taskers).


Taskbee being a multi-sided platform, requires a streamlined user experience for both the types of users to interact. The efficacy and efficiency of the platform depend on the backend that powers the listing and payments flow along with the front end application which makes it easier for its users to use the application.


Our solutions, a redesigned backend and frontend web application that enabled the posters to post the work on the platform. The registered taskers could view the listing and use various filters to select the type of work they would like to take up.

The automatic payment system ensures that the taskers receive the payment as soon as the work is complete, maintaining transparency between posters and taskers.


Posters and taskers can sign up on Taskbee through their verified email ID’s. The payment system charges a small signup fee from all the posters. The poster can apply date and time constraints while posting the work. The taskers can view all the constraints before accepting the task. A two-ended inbuilt messaging system allows the posters and taskers to keep track of their conversation and agreements.

The posters can select from an array of taskers depending on their ratings by previous users. Once the poster accepts the request, the tasker gets a notification of the acceptance. The tasker can complete the work and receives the payment once the poster approves of the job done.

TEch Stack

Web – Javascript, Jquery library, CSS

Backend – PHP/ Codeigniter framework

Stripe payments integration

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