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Executive Summary

ActivScout is a sports app designed to help club sports address declining memberships. The platform leverages social marketing directed at millennials and a dynamic set of mobile features to appeal to a wide digital audience. In pilot tests, our clubs have been able to double membership volumes in certain cases, displaying the opportunity at hand. 

ActivScout users can chat with other users individually or in groups, book matches with other club members, get curated social feeds, and receive notifications on matches or other alerts. Users are able to do this across multiple sports, specifically, Squash and Tennis, promoting racket sports adoption and play. 

The ActivScout mobile application is emerging as a pioneer in the growth of racket sports and is available in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.


ActivScout is taking on the challenge of not only negating the decrease of sport club subscriptions, but also doing a fantastic job of increasing popularity and growth of racket sports. There is a significant opportunity to develop these sports in to something much larger than they currently are through increasing the digital presence and simplifying the process of playing. 

In order to successfully develop their program and forward their business, ActivScout must connect with millennials and other digitally enabled users with the technology to simplify the process of joining a club, booking matches, and playing racket sports.


The team at App-Scoop worked closely with ActivScout’s leadership team to identify the personas of their key users prior to design. By incorporating our research and learnings of best practices for regions with low technology use, we created a very simple yet intuitive interface to enable ease of use. 

The new ActivScout mobile application helps users connect with other club members, book matches with each other, keep scores, and more. It allows players to stay connected with the games they love at all times in a streamlined digital manner. 

Engaging with the club and its members in a digital manner addresses the challenge many clubs are facing with growth, and ensures that barriers to entry are taken down. ActivScout makes everything related to playing these sports simple and clean.


The ActivScout mobile application allows its users to remain connected with their club and its other members from the palm of their hands. We developed the application in a manner that simplified all things racket sports. 

Users are able to message other club members individually or in group settings in a fully encrypted and familiar manner. Member rankings and ratings are easily visible, and booking matches with each other is handled entirely on the app. 

Deciding on a time is the hardest part, as integrations with the existing booking systems of clubs make reserving courts easy as pie. Within the chat interface, users can pull up club court schedules and simply view bookings or create new ones. Notifications can also be configured to ensure no messages or matches are missed. 

The ActivScout application also features a dynamic scoring module that acts as a score board for matches. Within this module, time is kept, score is maintained, and results are saved for viewing at a later time. Keeping score is digitally enabled to ensure everything is logged appropriately and can be referred to by users at any time.

TEch Stack

Cross Platform App

  • Programming language – React Native
  • SDK – Android, iOS
  • IDE/ Toolset – Visual Studio
  • Framework/ Technology – Java, Spring Boot, Hibernate
  • Database – MySQL
  • IDE/ Toolset – IntelliJ
  • Deployment – Firebase

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