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Fasting Mimicking Diet Mobile Application

Executive Summary

H2 Wellness is a dynamic health and wellness app that supports users on every step of their scientifically backed ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet Journey. With the ProLon app, users get relevant daily notifications through the five day fast, supportive information about the biology, trackers and monitors to visualize progress, and more. 


H2 Wellness’ previous mobile application was found to be difficult to navigate and use by those who downloaded it. Users often had no clue how or what was to be done, adding more stress to them while they went through the mental and physical hardship of a fasting cycle.

A mobile application to support an intensive diet should be simple, informative, and effective, but far too many applications consist of confusing UX and filled with complexity.


Completely redesigning the user journey, we greatly enhanced the H2 Wellness application to focus entirely on ease of use and access. Upon signing up and logging in for the first time, users also follow a visual orientation to get an understanding of how to use the app to its full capacity. The UI is simple yet intuitive making it easy for users to navigate between different resources with a dedicated navigation bar. 

The new ProLon application streamlines all the functionality for users to a simple guided path, allowing users to focus less on understanding how to navigate and derive value of the application, and focus more on the diet.


The H2 Health and Wellness app allows its users to input their specifics, select a health goal, then view a schedule over-viewing the steps along their fasting journey.

They can also view meal plans that go along with their purchased product to let them know when and what to eat, simply checking off each item upon doing so. Users can also view articles, research papers and studies that support the science as well as tips and tricks to ensure they make the most out of their fast. 

Each day becomes an individual journal entry with the help of this application, providing them with a summary, meal overview, tips and tricks, and useful articles to ensure customers are enabled along their journey towards a more desirable healthy state.

TEch Stack

Cross Platform App
Programming Language – React Native
SDK – Android, iOS
IDE/Toolset – Visual Studio
CI/CD – Jenkins


Framework/Technology – Existing

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