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Executive Summary

eSports Ecosystem mission is to become the standard cryptocurrency for all eSports. ESE tokens was introduced as a digital currency and adds value to the eSports ecosystem. The gaming digital currency is used in a variety of ways, such as player buy-in for tournaments, payouts to traders or merchants, and as a method of transfer for merchandise both onsite and online.

ESE will empower the gamers by enabling payment for both professional players and casual players within the eSports environment. Only some gamers are able to make riches from playing within the ecosystem, but ESE is changing the way players are rewarded within eSports ecosystem using digital currency to allow all to reap the benefits.


Most online gamers have high passion, dedication and skill yet lack the earnings to make it a feasible full-time career. It is the upper echelon players who are complimented with the fame, glory, and exceedingly high salaries. 

The low payout structure offered within tournaments gives less rewards even to the top players when they don’t win, making the living hard as a professional gamer. Most of the tournaments offer rewards to only Top 3 with some off-cases increasing the winning pool to the top 8.

The long term sustainability is not ideal for the businesses and organizers with less reward gains after every tournaments as it removes incentive for players and in turn customers.


eSports came to us with the idea of introducing new digital currency within the online gaming ecosystem and adding a mobile application to their platform. The mobile app contained the new gaming digital currency, ASE, that empowers gamers with a flat payout structure and rewards all gamers within the ecosystem, professional or not. In doing this, the total prize pool as well as the entire community wallet increased drastically in size, allowing for more rewards to the dedicated players. 

The mobile application involved integrating with Achain and the KCash blockchain platform to issue the ASE digital tokens. Every player creates their own wallet that includes a user profile, view of transactions, and balance overview. Currency conversion allows users to purchase additional tokens within the mobile app if desired.


The Eco Sports application brings forward plenty of dynamic features for users. A main dashboard provides them with all critical information, such as their current balance and previous transactions. 

Users can dive deeper into their transaction history, register for future tournaments or events, or view other registered currency balances quickly through the navigational menu. Should users require to do so, they have the ability to purchase or sell tokens or coins directly on the mobile application. Notifications and other user settings can also be set to fit the needs of any Eco Sports platform user.

TEch Stack


Programming Language – Swift
IDE/Toolset – XCode


Programming Language – Java
SDK – Android SDK
IDE/Toolset – Android Studio


Framework/Technology – ACHAIN
Database – MySQL

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