IoT Enabled Logistics

Executive Summary

Chaintrack is a Canadian logistics management company that has developed a mesh of IoT devices and cloud to track shipments which require precision temperature monitoring intelligently. They aim to reduce wastage of goods during transits. The logistics app is compatible in both mobile and web.

Chaintrack has a web application for the managers to keep track of orders, drivers, and vehicles. There is a mobile application for the drivers to get routes, order details, order pickup and drop off bar code scanning, and a notification based communication mechanism.


Chaintrack’s success was dependent on an efficient route plan for the orders assigned to a particular vehicle. The orders assigned can be a pickup, dropoff, or pickup-dropoff. Vehicle was assigned to a depot and route needs to consider all these constraints. The route was not only supposed to be the shortest path in the network but should also cater to all the limitations on an order posed by its manager.

After the order is built successfully, the route details should be pushed to the mobile application for the driver with the details and plans for the particular day. The driver should be able to perform operations on the orders.


Our solution is a highly effective route generation algorithm which takes all the order details, arranges them in the sequence by calculating the shortest distance between the two points. Our application gives managers the flexibility to create a route for a particular day or for all the orders at once. The algorithm is also robust to figure out changes in the order details and quickly re-route itself to provide an accurate and efficient path for the driver.

The mobile application combines all the components of an order from the web and provides it to the driver for processing. The IoT devices placed in the vehicle sends a stream of data to the application, which helps the driver to keep track of the temperature of shipment. The logistics app helps the driver to view the route to be followed on a particular day and navigate to a specific destination.


Chaintrack’s logistics app allows users to create orders and add items to a particular order. The orders are then assigned to a vehicle. After this assignment, the route is created by the manager, which is pushed to the mobile application for the driver to view.

The driver can view the route for a particular day. They need to scan all the items of a particular order to start the order. The application helps them navigate to the destination, once the driver reaches the destination they can end the order by again scanning all the items and taking an order confirmation signature from the recipient. In between if the order doesn’t meet the quality standard or if there are some other contingencies, the driver can skip the order as well.

TEch Stack


Programming Language – Swift
IDE/Toolset – XCode
CI/CD – Jenkins

Web Platform

Programming Language – React, View.JS
UI/UX – Bootstrap
IDE/Toolset – Visual Studio
CI/CD – Jenkins


Framework/Technology – PHP
Database – MySQL
IDE/Toolset – IntelliJ
Deployment – Firebase

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