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Executive Summary

Forcura is a leading healthcare technology company that facilitates continuity of care via technology, analytics and communication systems. The Forcura suite of tools is powered by Forcura Connect, a proprietary framework for standardizing interoperability and integration among post-acute health care organizations, physicians, electronic health records (EHRs) and other supporting technology vendors. From managing care transitions to ongoing care coordination among healthcare teams, Forcura acts as the clinical document workflow solution of choice.

Forcura wanted to upgrade their care coordination applications to ensure seamless and enriched communication among different care teams. To help the team with this requirement, App-Scoop came into picture and created both web and mobile application (iOS, Android).


Forcura provides care coordination and workflow solutions to different healthcare setups such as post-acute care, home healthcare, hospice, rehabilitative therapy and skilled nursing facilities. They needed a mobile and web application to streamline their communication workflow between different healthcare teams in an organization and also between hospital staff and patients. Forcura also wanted a platform to create case documents and files of each patient and sort them under different categories. They also wanted to enable real-time chat functionality among hospital staff and patients, with latest technology and advanced features.

In addition to this, the application had to be built on a secure platform to be HIPAA compliant and adhering to healthcare standards. This should ensure electronic medical records are secured within the system and highly protected from malpractices.


App-Scoop team collaborated with Forcura and developed both web and mobile application. The web application is mainly used by healthcare team admins to create different templates for case files of each patient. It allows to create a new case file using pre-generated templates or generate a new template as per need. The admins can also modify and update each case document as and when required.

The web application can be accessed by different members of the team at different levels. Only admins can create new templates and modify the case files. Other staff members can use the web application to update/ add details to case documents, upload snapshots of injuries, create a track record of appointments and follow-up details.

The mobile application is iOS and Android compatible. It is developed with different chat functionalities, voice and video call interfaces to ensure smooth communication. With this solution, patients can view and share their health data with caregivers or health organizations instantly, which in turn, enables care provider to attend to any alerts or abnormal signs immediately.


Major function of the mobile app is its chat functionality. The mobile application has different chat features to be used:

  • Between healthcare teams
  • Between patients and care givers
  • In a group

Chats can be divided into categories with different options to segregate such as Unread, Favorites, Broadcast groups etc. This enables quick access to a specified category as and when required. Broadcast chats allows users to send messages to multiple teams at once.

The simple and intuitive design enables teams to share images, videos and documents securely from their devices. Main features include:

  • Group conversations and one-way broadcasting
  • Attach conversation transcripts to the patient chart
  • Urgent message notification
  • Offline functionality
  • HIPAA compliant texting

Apart from chatting functionality, mobile app is also used by caregivers to create documents and case files using predefined templates and upload them to backend server. They can update the case files instantly, on-the-go and create a repository of all health records in one place.

The mobile app further supports voice and video calls directly from the app. Field clinicians can securely communicate face-to-face with team leaders and subject matter experts allowing patient care to be administered in the home as quickly and efficiently as possible. All video conferences are logged and recorded in the patient’s chart.

Patients and caregivers can also take snapshots of injuries, treatments and upload to each case file. Clinicians can automatically recognize, scan, and measure any chronic wound providing nurses with accurate measurements and a report on progress that attaches directly to the patient chart. This serves as one stop folder to access all health records, pictures and treatment updates of each patient individually and categorizes it for easy view. These case files can be accessed by other healthcare teams as well, when required.

Digital access and file storage application reduces manual effort and also eliminates paper records for care teams.

TEch Stack

Supported Platforms – iOS, Android

iOS Programming Language – Swift

Android Programming Language – Java

Backend Technology – .NET

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