Emergency Planning Mobile Application

Executive Summary

BlackGold is an emergency planning company that helps businesses manage situations quickly and effectively. The BGGoPlan Emergency Response App helps to make the best decisions and notify the right people at the right time on their smartphones during emergencies with a seamless, secure and effective mobile emergency response plan.

Organizations are able to maintain better control in times of panic to ensure their safety procedures are followed and that employees are knowledgeable and connected at all times. Tracking incidents, group messaging, and GPS tracing are the main components that ensure emergencies are less harmful than they need to be. 


Times of distress are challenging to deal with for individuals and businesses alike. In emergency situations like floods, fires, or earthquakes, procedures can go out the door due to panic and it becomes difficult to communicate or execute on safety plans for businesses. 

There is an opportunity with mobile technology to enable the enhanced safety of organizations and their employees. With the way we remain connected, emergencies can be handled far better to minimize damages that could be avoided with the proper information getting to people at the right time.


The BGGoPlan mobile applications transforms how organizations plan, coordinate, and communicate in emergencies to keep people safe and the business running. Instead of memorizing different safety procedures, the BGGoPlan emergency response app stores everything users need to communicate and execute in the palm of their hands in a manner that is simple and intuitive.

The BGGoPlan applications keeps all employees and management connected and gives individuals the information they need to ensure emergencies are handled with the optimal procedures and course of action.


The BlackGold mobile application allows its users to track incidents with timing and event logs, communicate instantly in group messages in a secure manner, get GPS location-based visual field intelligence, and access regulatory compliance forms and push notifications.

The application is also fully customizable for each organization’s needs and requirements, making it the suitable choice for any organization regardless of size or industry.

TEch Stack

Cross Platform App
Programming Language – Ionic
SDK – Android, iOS SDK

Web Development
Framework/Technology – Angular, JavaScript, JQuery

Framework/Technology – Node .JS
Database – MySQL
Deployment – Firebase

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