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Executive Summary

SPRK is an innovative, new way of connecting people within the same physical location as you. Users check in to restaurants, bars, shopping malls, and more to view a public chat with others wanting to spark up a conversation. This instant messaging app makes it simple to connect with others and make new friends, and is a great way of breaking the ice for physical interaction.


Many people use dating applications to meet people over the internet, but there is a lack of digital platforms for people wanting to meet people in person right away. There is an opportunity to connect people within a physical location, break the ice in a public forum, then progress in a more comfortable manner.


In order to ease the process of meeting others, we developed a simple mobile instant messaging app that allows users to interact if within the same physical establishment. It relies on GPS location checks that validates that SPRK users are at the same location, then enables them to exchange messages in a public chat group. This lets people talk in a less intrusive manner and encourages participation for all. People can then organize to meet up in person, or continue chatting in a private chat.


The SPRK mobile application allows features a GPS location check-in to specific establishments to allow users within the same location to interact publicly or privately. The chat rooms are only visible for the people checked in to the location while messages are sent. Chat rooms are fully encrypted and once a user checks out of a location, they are no longer able to view messages within the room. Private chats work the same way, only allowing users to view messages while in the same location. 

Users can leave the chat rooms by signing out, or leaving the location vicinity, which automatically does so when outside a 30m radius of the establishment. Users sign in with their registered credentials and have the ability to remember their username and password for streamlined authentication. Upon each sign-in, users take a selfie to ensure other users have a face to match with who they are speaking with in the chats.

TEch Stack

Cross Platform App
  • Programming language – React Native
  • SDK – Android, iOS
  • IDE/ Toolset – Visual Studio
  • Framework/Technology – Java, Spring Boot, Hibernate
  • Database  – MySQL
  • IDE/Toolset – IntelliJ
  • Deployment – AWS

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