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Executive Summary

The Rove Gym Set is a dynamic exercise system with a compact piece of equipment that increases the benefits of exercising while reducing workout time. The accompanied Rove Gym fitness app shows users how to set up the machine for each of the 75+ exercises and walks them through it to perfection for form and results. It also contains three levels of intensive instruction and a workout program for every day of the week.


Traditional weight training is dated and causes more difficulty for individuals wanting to improve their physical strength and health. Free weights can often lead to injuries due to imbalances and incorrect form, and also requires plenty of effort to achieve the resistance required to develop muscle. Moreover, a personal gym or dynamic gym memberships are extremely costly and following exercise regimes can be confusing and difficult to track or understand.


The complete Rove Gym and accompanied application allow individuals to work out safely, effectively, and comfortable out of their own home with the knowledge and guidance of professional trainers. 

The equipment is dynamic and allows for a full range of exercises that are walked through in detail on the application. The fitness app not only shows how to do each exercise to its full capacity, but also creates work out regimes to fit user’s fitness goals and needs.


The Rove mobile application allows its users to search, view, and watch exercises that will help them achieve their fitness goals. No longer will individuals get confused about what, how, or why exercises fit a specific need with the guided instructional videos and the simple configuration of the Rove Gym equipment. Additionally, the user is calculated a specific exercise program that pairs complementary exercises on specific days to ensure full maximization of workout time. 

The application shows different areas of the body to focus their exercises on and shows them how to perform them via videos to assist them in performing it to the proper intensity required to strengthen or tone themselves. 

The application also contains three levels of intensive instruction and a comprehensive workout program to follow according to the user’s weekly schedule. The application features a dynamic user profile and also allows for complete authentication features including the ability to remember credentials to save time on start up.

TEch Stack

Cross Platform App

  • Programming language – React Native
  • SDK – Android, iOS
  • IDE/ Toolset – Visual Studio
  • Framework/ Technology – Java, Spring Boot, Hibernate
  • Database – MySQL
  • IDE/ Toolset – IntelliJ
  • Deployment – AWS
Web Development
  • Framework/ Technology – React, Javascript, JQuery 
  • IDE/ Toolset – Visual Studio

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