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Executive Summary

AIM coaching provides coaching to realtors to double and triple their income. It provides the tools to create focus in their business and lives resulting in continuous growth year over year. Realtors are mobile and are meeting leads on hourly to daily basis who are interested to buy or sell a property. Realtors are looking for a real estate app to manage their leads end-to-end.

The realtor needs to capture the details for leads and continuously work with them to close the sales. Along with mobile lead capture, they also need to maintain a work life balance by setting their goals for a week and month. Copying the leads from paper to the CRM system involved losing some important leads that could have turned out to be an important deal AIM Coaching wanted to make a mobile app for Android and iOS to automate the process from lead capture to sales closing process and to manage their life work balance by setting their goals and targets. 

Realtors need an easy access to saved documentation such as contracts, showing trackers linked to their leads. Mobile App purpose was to track all aspects of Realtors business.


Realtors face the difficult challenge of managing their personal and professional schedules given the nature of visits and open houses. Having an easy to access all-in-one solution on the go would make their lives far easier with a quick method of retrieving important documentation, customer information, and calendar appointments. 

Staying on top of schedule and remaining focused is difficult for realtors, and a dynamic mobile application is a plausible solution for increasing productivity and driving sales.


App-Scoop worked with AIM Coaching to successfully create a dynamic mobile application that optimizes the daily operations for realtors from lead capture to closing sales. The app allows realtors to quickly enter new leads and simplifies the process to follow up and nurture those leads to increase conversion rates and efficiency along the lead funnel. 

The Mobile App contains tools to ensure a smooth process from Lead Capture, to Buyer & Seller Communication, to Sales Closing. The application also contains the tools to manage the work-life balance of users by setting goals and reminders and pushing reminder to your mobile calendar.


Aim Real Focus App™ features 14 built-in Real estate systems that are easy to use that have helped Realtors generate greater sales in a more efficient manner. Users remain more focused by categorizing their efforts and planning their work in a more streamlined manner. 

The Aim Real Focus app features a variety of sections for users to visually and organizationally plan their work in charts, reports, and boards. These help to maintain focus and increase productivity overall. The application is built for both iOS and Android platforms and are available now on their respective app stores.

TEch Stack

iOS App

  • Programming language – Swift
  • SDK – iOS SDK
  • IDE/ Toolset – XCode
  • Unit Testing –  XCTest

Android App

  • Programming language – Java
  • SDK – Android SDK
  • IDE/ Toolset – Android Studio 
  • Framework/ Technology – Java, Spring Boot, Hibernate
  • Database – MySQL
  • IDE/ Toolset – IntelliJ
  • Deployment – AWS
Web Development
  • Framework/ Technology – React, JavaScript, JQuery

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