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Executive Summary

iPOLPO is the only global photo marketplace that lists photos categorized by time and location, making it easier than ever to find, buy or sell photos. iPOLPO, a photography marketplace app, lets you search for photos based on a given location, track your location to show photos taken near you, select which photos to purchase, and upload your own photos to be sold. No email or message exchange is necessary, pricing tiers are set by users, and users are paid instantly upon the purchase of their photos.


Photographers face the challenge of lengthy timelines, irregular contracts, and having their hard work stolen or copied. It becomes very difficult for photographers to monetize individual images or albums, especially when trying to do so with landmarks and desirable subjects. There is a lack of solutions for photographers to get their work out and get paid in an appropriate manner.


Our team developed a highly functional mobile application that allows photographers to upload their work to a global marketplace. This marketplace shares and allows for purchase of photos that are sorted by time, location, or photographer. These customized filters make it simple for photographers and purchasers to sort through desired work and check out securely in a breeze with Paypal.


The iPOLPO mobile application allows its users to upload or purchase images directly through the online marketplace. Additionally, the user can sort by time, location, or user to view previews of photos prior to purchase. Users sign in with their verified credentials with the option to remember their authentication information for time savings. Upon selecting the desired images for purchase, the transaction takes place securely using Apple or Google account and sellers receive their revenues smoothly. 

iPOLPO also includes a unique My Path feature that leverages a user’s GPS signal to display nearby photos available for download. These images are shown in a map format making it easy to find and purchase professional photos from nearby, such as wildlife, landmarks and other tourist attractions. 

The look and feel of iPOLPO’s mobile application aligns with their new website and features a fun yet simple user interface. Finding images and purchasing them has never been easier with iPOLPO’s mobile application.

TEch Stack

Android App

  • Programming language – Java
  • SDK – Android SDK
  • IDE/ Toolset – Android Studio
  • Framework/ Technology – .NET, C# 
  • Database – MySQL
  • Deployment – Azure

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