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Executive Summary

Navenu is short for Navigating for Venues. Users of the app can navigate through different venues that are recommended by Curators around the world. It is a social media navigation app where users can connect to other users and venues to see what’s fresh, popular, and well-reviewed.

Users filter by type and zoom in and out of the map to see recommended locations in a list view. Upon selecting a location, details on the venue, including directions and the ability to purchase tickets or pre-order items become available. Further, a list of existing curators who connected or recommend this location is also shown. 

A CMS system has been built to support the mobile application; the CMS track the users, their details, and the venues and connections available. It provides the ability for admins to add data to be seen within the application, such as new locations and supporting information, as well as provide analytical tools to monitor user usage of the app.


Many people spend most of their time in the same locations with little to no variability. This goes too for those who travel to new cities, often visiting the same tourist hotspots as many others. These tourist traps are often over-crowded, over-hyped, and over-priced, making it difficult to enjoy the true gems a city has to offer. 

It is difficult to find insider tips and curated locations to fully immerse yourself with the culture of a city, and there is an opportunity to leverage technology and the knowledge of tastemakers to provide this information to all.


Navenu is a dynamic mobile application that is curated by the most important voices in today’s culture. Instantly see handpicked locations in your area or in cities you plan on visiting in the future that are categorized to fit your needs. 

Users are able to see an overview of nearby locations categorized via coloured pins on a map in relation to their GPS coordinates. A list of these locations appears below with each location’s name, a connected curator that recommends this locations, and a description of the location. Pressing on the location displays more information with the ability to get directions, view the website, share across various platforms, and connect with the location. Opening a curator’s page shows their biography, connected locations in a map and list, and more. 

Along with the mobile navigation app is a detailed CMS platform for content entry and user management. The Navenu team uses this to manage the data within the platform from users, locations, curators, and more. It makes it simple to create, update, and remove records in an intuitive manner.


The Navenu mobile navigation app allows its users to view the locations around them on a dynamic map that are recommended by the world’s cultural icons. From artists and producers, to DJ’s and musicians, the curators partnered with Navenu are most in-touch with what locations offer the most value and submit them to share the wealth of knowledge. Users can then add these locations to their profile, follow other users and curators, and message directly between each other within the application. A news feed is also front loaded with articles and recommendations that are more detailed and relevant. 

Curators are given the same functionality as regular users, but with the added feature of adding new locations directly through their phone. Selecting a location via the map and inputting images and descriptions make the process very simple and easy to do. 

The CMS platform has the ability to create, edit, update, and remove users and locations in a thorough yet intuitive manner. Reports are also generated and visible through the web platform and data can be exported in a variety of ways.

TEch Stack

iOS App

  • Programming language – Swift
  • SDK – iOS SDK
  • IDE/ Toolset – XCode
  • Unit Testing – XCTest
  • CI/ CD – Jenkins

Android App

  • Programming language – Java
  • SDK – Android SDK
  • IDE/ Toolset – Android Studio
  • CI/ CD – Jenkins
Web Development
  • Framework/Technology – React, JavaScript, JQuery
  • Framework/Technology – Java, Spring Boot, Hibernate
  • Database – MySQL
  • IDE/Toolset – IntelliJ
  • CI/ CD – Jenkins
  • Deployment – AWS

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