CMMS key to maintenance management

Executive Summary

Hippo provides an industrial web app platform for organizations to manage their maintenance and track data to optimize costs and help maintenance departments run smoothly. The web application lets companies manage different facilities, locations, equipments, assets, and create work orders for the maintenance work. 

Hippo’s solution solves the biggest reservation about implementing CMMS software that is the learning curve. Their system helps manage maintenance tasks in three simple steps making it easy to use for the facility managers. Hippo’s systems help businesses cut costs, become more efficient, realize the highest ROI on capital assets and equipment, and improve resource planning.


Though the web application provides all the required features for maintenance management, the biggest challenge was to provide mobility to the end users. The user wants information on the go and should be able to perform operations in areas where network signals are weak or not available.
Businesses are looking to save time and efforts by providing information in advance to maintenance staff. The web limitation of the current system was only adding on to the efforts required to manage information. The entire web application is to be converted into a mobile application without investing on new API’s and using the currently available API’s developed for a web application.


The HippoCMMS mobile application provides the users to access information on the go. The maintenance staff can see the work orders assigned to them, manage their time sheets and resolve maintenance issues. 

The admin can manage facilities, assets, equipments and different locations through the mobile application. Files can be directly uploaded from the mobile application to reduce the time required for data entry and processing of information.


HippoCMMS application is a cross platform application, available on both iOS and Android. The application is unique as it can process a large amount of data even in an offline mode. The users can use their web credentials to login to the mobile application and can perform operations on the data through the mobile application. 

The entire application was built on a unique architecture using the web API. This architecture enables auto sync of image files, data files and data dump with the cloud server whenever the mobile application become online from the offline state.

TEch Stack

Cross Platform App

  • Programming language – React Native
  • SDK – Android, iOS
  • IDE/ Toolset – Visual Studio

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